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Category: Vision

Your Gym 2.0: AAR

The covid challenge is an opportunity for rebirth: to emerge from the jungle as a mature business. Either way, it will teach you where your backbone is. It will teach you to fight.

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Your Gym 2.0: WWCEOD?

Your gym is going through a rite of passage, and it won’t emerge the same as was two months ago. The “covid correction” is just a natural and necessary part of evolution in the fitness industry.

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Your Gym 2.0

The covid crisis is our generation’s rite of passage. It’s a tragedy but also our best opportunity to make sweeping changes. Here’s how to use a vision quest to start.

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Reasons to Be Optimistic

The coronavirus crisis is a real threat to the fitness industry. We’d be crazy to say, “Don’t worry. It’s all going to work out.” But there are reasons to be optimistic. Here are six.

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