Sticking to the Plan (and Why Some Gym Owners Can’t)

In a sea of yellow sticky notes with arrows pointing to the right, one pink note in the center has an arrow pointing left.

Every gym owner needs a goal, a plan and someone to hold them to the plan.

In the first post in this series, I told you how to set a personal goal for your business.

In Part 2, I told you how to turn that goal into specific targets for monthly revenue, client headcount and client value.

Now I’m going to tell you about the hard part: sticking to the plan.

The problem most entrepreneurs face isn’t a lack of intelligence. They can all work really hard. And they rarely lack ideas.

The No. 1 problem most gym owners face is they’re all over the place.

They run from idea to idea, they don’t repeat what’s working, and they try things and then try other things.

I know, because that’s me. I chase novelty. I’m attracted to shiny objects, and I think every new idea is so brilliant that I must work on it right away.

Luckily, I have business coaches and mentors to help me build a plan and then—the critical step—hold me to it!

That’s what coaches do.

But you already know that because you’re a coach.

Coaches Need Coaches

Your gym clients come to you with a goal. Your job is to give them a clear plan and then hold them to the plan.

Could your clients do it without you? Possibly. They might pore over research, buy equipment, set alarms to get up early, figure out their macros, and develop rigid adherence to their training and nutrition and sleep and meditation schedules.

But you and I know this almost never happens. When people do make progress on their own, it takes years and years of trial and error. Most times, people jump from one diet to the next, they try exercise programs but don’t stick with them, and they never really seem to get fitter despite sampling everything.

The same is true in business.

Most entrepreneurs jump from one marketing idea to the next, read a dozen books a year, listen to two podcasts every week, take courses on coaching better—but never grow their business. If your business isn’t growing 10 percent every year—minimum—then this is you.

A business mentor holds you to the plan after you build it. We help you avoid distraction, keep you on the path and actually get you to the destination.

Some entrepreneurs figure it out on their own—or seem to. Off the top of my head, I can’t name a single successful entrepreneur who figured out a plan and held themselves to it. Every successful entrepreneur you read about has a mentor—and will name the mentor when asked.

When you invest in mentorship, you’re buying speed. If your business is already doing OK, then the mentor speeds up your growth. If your business is going downhill, the mentor first helps you stop the bleeding, then helps you reset the foundation, then helps you start your growth and then accelerates that growth.

I have a sample annual plan for you to download in the Gym Owners United group. It’s a basic template, but if you don’t have a plan, it will work better than nothing.

If your gym is different than the average gym, you need something tailored—and we all need someone to hold us to the plan.

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