The Numbers: Who Has the Most Clients?

A red icon with a ring around it stands in a sea of grey client icons.

“Every time our membership reaches 150 people, we drop back to 130!”

“We hover between 110 and 125 members. We never drop lower, but we never seem to reach higher, either.”

“We’ve been at the same membership for 2.5 years even though we get new people almost every month!”

Many gyms hit a “glass ceiling” and their growth just stops. Sure, they gain a few clients, but then they drop back again. They’ll have a little surge and then an exodus.

The reason? They’re using the wrong plan. Or they’re using a good plan at the wrong time.

Every month, we track key metrics for hundreds of gyms around the world. We look at the top 10 in each category to determine who has the most clients, who has the most revenue, who has the highest average revenue per member, etc.

Then we interview those gyms to see what they’re doing, and we teach their lessons back to gyms in the Two-Brain mentorship program.

I also share the data and stories from one of these categories publicly. Here’s the leaderboard for Most Clients in April 2022:

A leaderboard showing gym member totals from 260 to 458.

Why You Can’t Bust Through Your Client Ceiling

Pop quiz: What’s a client’s partner’s name?

You can maintain a certain number of personal relationships really well. If you’re an empathetic extrovert, that number might be higher.

But if you’re running a business, the number gets lower all the time because your brain is just too full. Think about your shrinking circle of friends, your less-frequent calls to your mom, your last-minute shopping trips for the kids’ birthdays. When you have five clients, you remember their kids’ names, their dogs’ names and even where they went to college. But at 50, you won’t remember some of those details. And at 150, you probably won’t remember most of them.

It’s not critical to recall the names of pets. But this degree of knowledge is a sign of the strength of your relationship. If you know a pet’s name, you’re close. And for introverts (like me), the number of personal relationships I can maintain is probably a lot lower than 150.

Other things lower your client ceiling, too:

1. Lack of systems—If every client receives a different experience, you’ll lose many of them. Signal: Clients preferentially choose classes based on one coach over another.

2. Lack of proper onboarding—When a client is thrown into a group class—even for a “free trial” —the person is less likely to sign up and more likely to quit early. Signal: You don’t have a consultative process.

3. Poor retention—When clients leave, they sometimes take other clients with them.

4. Inconvenience—If your clients have to juggle their schedules to match yours, they’ll leave.

5. Staff turnover—Your best coaches leave and take clients with them.

6. The wrong model—At the 150-member mark, your model changes. You need different staff, different systems and maybe even a different name.

The Big Reason: Your Target Is too Far Away

Gyms that start small can scale a little at a time. The owners find a little space, fill it, get profitable and then grow.

Every time they grow, they experience a little “dip”: Their expenses are higher and their profit is lower. That’s normal for businesses that scale.

But if the “dip” is too big, it turns into the Valley of Death. And this is killing many microgyms: They open a 10,000 square foot facility with $50,000 in debt, and they’re instantly desperate to cover their monthly bills. So they offer discounts, try to force long-term contracts and just generally try to sell anything they possibly can to make money. Over time, as desperation increases, some might even run bait-and-switch ads on Facebook to survive.

A line graph showing gym profits as the number of clients grows. More clients are not always better.

You need a different plan at each stage of business.

Fewer than 50 clients? We want you to earn over $50,000 per year serving those clients.

50-150? That’s our RampUp program. We want you to earn $100,000 per year with 150 clients.

Over 150? You need a different plan. That’s our Tinker program, where you’ll level up as a leader, learn to build a management layer, optimize for profit and duplicate your gym without killing yourself.


One more thing!

Did you know gym owners can earn $100,000 a year with no more than 150 clients? We wrote a guide showing you exactly how.