Why Your AI Funnel Is Worthless Without a Skilled Human

A graphic showing a human hand and a robot hand touching a glowing sphere at the same time.

AI can lead the proverbial horse to water but can’t make it drink.

A more modern version of that saying: AI can get you likes on Instagram, but it can’t sell a high-value membership to your gym.

Yes, you can use AI to generate warm leads through a content-marketing funnel. And you can even use automations to nurture those leads.

But at some point, you’re still going to have to learn to sell.

The Human Touch

In this series, I’ve explained that AI can be used to produce content—but you still need to build an audience. I’ve also said that AI-produced content is worthless if you don’t publish it consistently.

The final note about AI and media: The robots will not sell for you.

No matter how much high-quality content you produce and how often you publish it, your content-marketing funnel must end with a free consultation. I say “must” because Two-Brain data confirms a free consultation is the best way to get high-value clients into your gym and retain them for years.

If you publish great content daily, you will absolutely get leads. So what happens to them?

First, they need to be warmed. As I said in the first post in this series, that can be done with an email list or SMS system, or it can be done in a private Facebook group. This is the middle of your content-marketing funnel.

Below it is the marketing equivalent of the J-bend beneath your sink: This is the point where things are likely to clog up, and the robots can’t save you.

Warm leads must be pushed to book free consultations in which a trained salesperson solves problems by using the Prescriptive Model.

Success here is measured with set, show and close rates—the number of people who book appointments, show up for those appointments and buy something, respectively.

Set and show rates can be improved with bots and virtual assistants, but they really only matter as lead-ups to the close rate. If you book 1,000 appointments and get 1,000 shows but make no sales, your funnel sucks. End of story.

The success of your content funnel—whether you use AI or not—is measured by one question: “Am I hitting my sales targets?”

If the answer is “no,” your funnel is clogged. And if the answer is “no” because your close rate is brutal, the robots can’t help you.

But Two-Brain can. Chris Cooper released a step-by-step guide to using AI to generate mountains of content. And in this series I’ve hounded you to publish consistently to build your audience.

The final piece of the puzzle is learning how to solve clients’ problems in the sales office. This is the human touch, and it isn’t optional. Learn to connect with people in person, ask the right questions and then present the best solutions to their problems. Two-Brain mentors teach clients exactly how to do this.

But because Two-Brain publishes high-quality content every single day, I’ll get you started on the right path:

If you want to learn how to build a sales system so AI-warmed leads actually join your gym, check out this podcast: “The Exact Steps to Building a Sales Engine at Your Gym.” Or if you prefer reading, check out the “Sales Engine” series of blogs.

And if you want to connect with a real expert who can give you tailored coaching, battle-tested tactics, accountability and high-speed solutions, book a call with a human here.


One more thing!

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