Crush It in 2022: Audit Your Intake, Sales and Retention Systems

A half-open laptop with a magnifying class clamped inside to represent an audit

New people are coming to your gym in 2022.

But will they still be members in February or March?

That’s up to you.

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In the next weeks, you’re going to see the results of New Year’s Resolutions.

You’ll get some new followers on social media, you’ll get more phone calls and emails, and you’ll book more free consultations. All of that will combine to produce some new members.

That’s great—but according to the International Health, Racquet and Sportsclub Association (IHRSA), half of all New Year’s members are back on the couch by July 1. Many are there much sooner.

Those numbers, of course, are influenced by stats from large corporate gyms that don’t offer high-touch services. But microgyms aren’t immune to “resolution rot.” And if you don’t have the systems to manage the influx, or if you take shortcuts, miss steps and ignore your staff playbook, your new clients will be former clients before you know it.

Here’s what you can do now to set your new clients—and your business—up for long-term success.

Audit Your Intake Systems

Review the first part of your client journey in detail. Go through every single step in the process from the time a person takes an interest in your business until the first membership payment is made. If you’ve been putting off repairs or improvements to your intake plan, now is the time to upgrade and then stress-test your systems.

Key questions:

  • Are all staff members on the same page and is every lead getting the exact same high level of service?
  • Do you have enough coverage to ensure clients can book consultations at convenient times?
  • Is someone answering your business phone or returning messages fast?
  • Are your automations and lead-nurturing tools updated to say “2022”?
  • Are any automations broken?
  • Are you following the prescriptive model to a tee?

Resource: “The Prescriptive Model: Your Key to Survival as a Microgym”

Resource: “Make Money for Years: Amazing Client Onboarding”


Audit Your Sales Systems

You likely brushed up against sales stuff when you audited your intake process, but now it’s time to really dig in. It’s time to take a few extra steps to make sure you’re closing at the highest rate possible.

Key questions:

  • Have I cleaned up and refreshed the sales office?
  • Have I performed role playing with my sales team?
  • Have I reviewed how to handle the most common objections?
  • Have I briefed my team on new products, services and prices for 2022?
  • Is my sales binder/iPad presentation updated for 2022?
  • Are my appointment confirmations, reminders and nurturing automations working properly?

Resource: “By the Numbers: Signing up More Leads”


Audit Your Retention Systems

In 2018, the average gym owner who filled out our Gym Check-Up would have earned an extra $45,000 that year simply by increasing average retention by two months. Read that line twice if you need to. Anything you do right now to keep the resolutions crowd longer will improve your bottom line and the health of those clients.

Key questions:

  • Who is in charge of retention and tracking metrics (length of engagement)?
  • Does my playbook contain every detail this person needs to succeed?
  • Have I updated all automations for 2022, and are they all working properly?
  • Have I tested my system to make sure I can identify disengaged clients or absentees fast?
  • Do I have a system for Goal Review Sessions and am I booking them on intake for new members?

Resource: Free Tools—“Never Lose a Member Again Retention Guide”

Resource: “10 out of 10 Retention: Client Check-Ins”

Resource: “Rep Week: Goal Reviews”

Play the Long Game

As a fitness entrepreneur, you have two overarching responsibilities:

1. Ensure the long-term health of your business.

2. Ensure the long-term health of your clients.

If you take some time right now to review your systems and procedures, you’ll be on the way to accomplishing both. Bring new clients into your business the right way, then do everything in your power to keep them for years.


One more thing!

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