By the Numbers: Signing up More Leads

A keyboard with a big blue button marked "closing sale."

Every month, we showcase one or two metrics that are important to gym owners. We highlight the best Two-Brain gyms in those categories and share their tips with you.

This month, we’re focusing on getting more clients. Three metrics help us diagnose problems and improve lead flow in a gym:

Set rate—how many leads book a No Sweat Intro.
Show rate—how many of those who book actually show up.
Close rate—how many of those who show up sign up for memberships.

Here are the top closers in Two-Brain last month:

A leaderboard graphic showing the top 10 Two-Brain gyms for close rate in June 2021.

Here are the top tips on improving your close rate from our leaders:

“I started using an iPad as part of our sales presentation.” (Read more about this strategy here.)

“Affinity marketing brought in 3 new members. So those are always 100% close rate.”

“I do a lot of sales role playing with our CSM, challenging her to approach every conversation differently, using the (Two-Brain) sales YouTube videos. I translate them for my team. Mentoring my team this way has helped me become better at sales too.”

“One of my new clients said that I’m crushing it and doing what every other gym (5 in the area) is not doing; i.e., creating helpful content. I learned this from Chris. I thought, ‘If he’s giving this stuff away, I can’t imagine what it’s like to be a part of Two-Brain.'”

Level Method is really helpful for our close rate.”

“I ask them, ‘What is it in life that you’re lacking and has got you looking for something new?’ If they’ve tried other things, they’ve obviously been unsuccessful elsewhere. I ask them why they came … for something new, what hasn’t worked for them in the past that has caused them to look for something else. I get them to reflect on what they didn’t like, so then I can touch on how we are different.”

“The NSI does come naturally to me as I’ve been in real estate for 21 years. The consultative approach is a universal sales skill, and I’ve already had lots of practice going into the gym business.”

“The sooner you get the lead to lead the conversation, (the) sooner you have it sold.”

“When a prospect comes in for (an) NSI, we’re very hands off. We sit back and listen to the client to hear what they’re looking for. Irish culture doesn’t want to be sold to. We lay on the value and benefits to their health, but we do not pressure.”

“I’m confident, because I know our product can add 5 years to their life.”

“We ask, ‘Imagine where you’ll be in 30 days.'”

“Zoom NSIs don’t work here. People will wait to do them in person. It’s a cultural thing.”

You might have noticed that some of these answers contradict each other. That’s why we’re a mentorship practice instead of a system that prescribes one method for everyone.

Your gym is different; you are different. The strategies you use should be carefully curated for your preferences, culture and style. A mentor can guide you to the strategies that will work for you.


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