2021: The Best Time to Open a Microgym

2021: The Best Time to Open a Microgym - a woman lifting weights

By Joleen Bingham, Certified Two-Brain Fitness Business Mentor

You have a dream to open your own microgym but have been holding off for a number of reasons.

Now is actually the perfect time to open your gym.

No, you didn’t read that wrong.

In 2020, the COVID Crisis completely interrupted the fitness industry.

With the world tightly focused on public health for more than a year, staying healthy is a priority for more people now. In 2021, businesses that focus on personalization, provide accountability and allow people to continue their fitness routines will stand out to consumers who are looking to stay healthy in safe ways.

2020 taught us that being in good health lowers our risk of disease. To rid themselves of “comorbidities” that can predispose someone to disease or more severe symptoms of a disease, many people now want to lose weight and address chronic health conditions. Those who are healthy want to stay that way. Others want to reduce anxiety through activity. Most are looking for ways to do all this in a smaller, more controlled environment where they are less likely to be at risk for transmission of COVID-19.

A microgym provides just that.

People need accountability and individualized options, not just access to equipment and a do-it-yourself fitness plan that’s unlikely to bring results. With all the stress in their lives, they need someone to tell them the best workouts for their goals, hold them accountable from day to day, and check in every 90 days with Goal Review Sessions to make sure they are getting results. Microgyms can provide all that because the focus is on creating solid, long-term relationships, not on selling a huge volume of monthly memberships and handing towels to the few nameless clients who actually show up.

Even better, staff at a microgym can create customized plans for people and combine in-person and at-home options. The flexibility of these plans allows people to easily and immediately transition to 100 percent at-home training if public health concerns cause future disruptions.

2021 is the year that people will seek out personal treatment. Now more than ever, they want to be more than just a number.

Will you be ready?

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