Your Gym 2.0: What Do People Need?

In the Your Gym 2.0 series, I’ve been talking about rebuilding your business.

In the first three parts, we tore it down, sifted through the ashes and identified what you want to keep. Then we set the cornerstones for your new business: nutrition coaching, group exercise coaching, personal exercise coaching and online coaching.

Here, we’re going to identify which of your clients need which of the four services you offer. In the next part, we’ll build the services packages and walk through the sales process.

To work along, download this resource: Your Gym 2.0 Worksheet—Part 2.

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Exercise 1: Seed Clients

Take out a blank sheet of paper.

Draw a vertical line down the middle to create two columns.

At the top of the left column, draw a smiley face. At the top of the right column, draw a dollar sign.

In the left column, list the 10 clients who make you happiest—the ones who actually improve your mood when you see them.

In the right column, list the 10 clients who pay you the most each month.

Now circle the names that appear on both sides. These are your Seed Clients. We want to duplicate them. But we also want to build our service around what they want most.

Exercise 2: Client Goals

Flip the Seed Client paper over.

Draw two vertical lines down the page to create three columns.

In the first column, write the clients’ names.

In the second column, write each client’s goals.

In the third column, write the primary reason each one wants to achieve those goals.

If you don’t know their goals, book a Goal Review Session with them. It’s a great time to do goal reviews with your clients—you’re home and so are they.

If you don’t know their reasons, ask them, “Why is this goal important to you?” Get as deep as possible (Precision Nutrition coaches the “five whys,” and many other top coaches use “motivational interviewing” to get to the root of things with clients).

Here’s Josh Martin from Two-Brain Coaching explaining motivational interviewing:

Video Thumbnail

Exercise #3: N,G,P,O

Now look at each of the Seed Clients on your list in turn and ask yourself a question: “Does this client need nutrition coaching to reach this goal?”

If yes, write a big N beside the name.

Then ask yourself, “Does this client need group coaching to reach this goal?”

If yes, write a big G beside the name.

Then, “Does this client need personal coaching to reach this goal?”

If yes, write a big P beside the name.

Finally, “Does this client need daily accountability, supplemental work, mindset help or knowledge to reach this goal?”

If yes, write a big O (for online) beside the name.

Exercise 4: Rocks, Pebbles, Sand and Water

Go back to the top of your Seed Client list.

Of the four cornerstones (N, G, P, O), which is most critical to that client’s progress right now?

Circle that. That cornerstone represents the rocks in your client’s jar.

Which is second most critical? That cornerstone represents the pebbles in your client’s jar.

Which is third most critical? That cornerstone is the sand in the jar.

And finally, if the fourth cornerstone will help your client, it becomes the water in the jar.

Here’s how my jar would be filled as a client (age 45, aiming for performance on the bike, dealing with a massive workload and above-average stress):

Rocks: daily accountability and mindset work.

Pebbles: personal coaching (my workouts on the bike).

Sand: nutrition coaching (I should tighten up a bit, but it’s not a priority right now).

Water: group coaching (I like to train in a group sometimes and will get back to it eventually).

My plan should include daily accountability and mindset work, as well as workouts on the bike. When things are more stable, that plan should change to include nutrition coaching. And maybe, if needed, it should change again to include group coaching when I get bored. My coach makes that determination after talking with me.

Exercise 5: NGPO for All

Print off a list of your clients.

Write down their goals beside their names.

Write N, G, P and O beside each goal, as required.

Count up all the N’s, G’s, P’s and O’s.

Which cornerstone has the greatest need?

That’s where you should focus first.

Exercise 6: Get Qualified

“What if I’m not qualified/not an expert/not an authority—or what if I’m scared?”

Now’s your chance! Get qualified. Take a course.

Become the coach your clients need you to be.

Or hire someone.

Or rent someone (hire short term).

Or get a mentor (pay for knowledge and share it with your audience).

Or partner with someone.

But fill your clients’ glasses—whatever it takes.

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