Why a Yoga Studio Owner Needs a Mentor

A yoga teacher assists a student perfect warrior post in her studio.

Shannon Brasovan, Two-Brain Yoga Business Mentor

“Why does a yoga studio owner need a mentor?”

I think an even better question is this: “Why don’t you have one yet?”

A mentor is not dissimilar to a teacher, something very common in yoga culture. However, a mentor is not there to drown you in dogma but rather to guide you to your own highest truth and potential with time-tested methods and a clear, simplified path.

In the past, the guru model has become quite abusive because it centers on one person’s ideal of how everyone else should be (see Bikram for examples). A mentor flips this on its head and takes your data and your story and helps you channel it to create the most success. 

So why does a yoga entrepreneur need a mentor? Because a yoga studio owner is like a therapist, priest, masseuse, personal trainer, confidant, retail manager, HR director, business analyst and nurse all rolled up into one.

There are so many thoughts rolling around in our heads at any one moment it’s a marvel that most of us don’t wind our butts and wipe our clocks. We need a mentor to help us carve out a clear Growth ToolKit and put the first things first before we move on to anything else.

A mentor will help you discern how to approach the path before you without trying to tackle everything all at once (yogic principle: viveka!).

It is the mentor’s job to help you quell the noise of your clients and staff, avoid the flashing lights of Facebook and all the marketing being thrown at you, and clearly determine your next step. And then the next one and then the next until you build incredible momentum.

Think of a business mentor as a guided meditation expert. We are going to bring you back to the present and have you focus on this moment so you can maximize it and bliss out!

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