What is the TwoBrain Workshop?

Last night, CrossFit’s EOD (Email of the Day) mentioned our local mentorship project: the TwoBrain Workshop.
After noticing that many of my seed clients at Catalyst are entrepreneurs, I started offering little seminars to them: Facebook Marketing, Affinity Marketing, and other burning topics.
Since many of the first lessons I shared in Two-Brain Business were taken from books and mentors in the non-fitness realm, it was easy to apply the lessons from my books to other local entrepreneurs. In fact, I was having SO much fun that I bought a 7800sqft building, and opened a coworking space, boardroom, and incubator offices. (www.twobrain.com/workshops)
And then something amazing happened.
The local entrepreneurs who come in for coffee, or to use coworking space, or to use our boardroom invariably ask about CrossFit. We’re not just leading CrossFit owners to real entrepreneurship; we’re leading entrepreneurs to CrossFit.
That’s a million-watt win.
In fact, we’ve shut off all other marketing at the gym and now just focus on talking to people who come into the Workshop for coffee.
Many of them rent the boardroom for meetings…and ask us to build a short workout into their day! Some, seeking to lease office space, are requesting a gym membership quote as part of their lease. It’s crazy.
But here’s my favorite part:
Years ago, I realized that CrossFit gym owners have to learn good business practices MUCH faster than most other business owners. Because of the low barrier to entry, it’s very easy to open a CrossFit gym…and very hard to keep one open. That means thousands of people have jumped into entrepreneurship with very little preparation, and then SCRAMBLE to learn things as fast as possible. This isn’t the way it’s usually done.
CrossFit gym owners are also faster learners for other reasons: we have good networks; we all have to start from scratch, without guidance; and our brains are fit.
So gym owners in the TwoBrain family started asking, “Can I do that, too?” and I started sharing the model with them. No surprise: many asked how they could open a Workshop of their own, and start helping local business owners. We’re working on that now.
It’s a two-sided business model, and I’m having the time of my life. If you’re in the Sault, come and visit. If you’re not, come and visit anyway.


One more thing!

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