In His Own Words: Gym Owner Vel Bates on a Year of Mentorship

A huge group of gym owners smile outside the hotel at the Two-Brain Summit in Chicago.

I put Two-Brain to the test at our annual summit.

On June 3 and 4, I asked a host of gym owners if they were getting a return on their significant investments in mentorship.

Without exception, the fitness entrepreneurs I spoke to reported that they are indeed seeing ROI.

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I’m always excited to talk to gym owners about their experiences with Two-Brain. I love hearing the stories of success: more time spent with family, less stress, more income, increased happiness, perfect days and so on. And I heard a lot of those over the weekend.

But I was really looking forward to chatting with Vel Bates.

Vel runs 3D Fitness in Fort Wayne, Indiana, with Lexc Ackerson. I met Vel in 2022 at the summit. Bates was there to check Two-Brain out and see if it was legit. He wasn’t sold on the idea of mentorship and wanted to do some research—a wise move.

We talked a little about his business at an afterparty, and it was obvious that he was a great trainer and passionate entrepreneur. He showed me a sizable personal Instagram account as well as impressive results he had achieved with clients at 3D.

Like so many fitness entrepreneurs, Vel was working too much and wasn’t sure how to grow his business. He also chatted with Chris Cooper and several other Two-Brain team members, who gave him some ideas to consider.

I was thrilled to hear that Vel signed up with Two-Brain about three weeks after the 2022 gathering, and we stayed in touch through Two-Brain’s private Facebook group over the next 11 months.

But I really wanted to talk to Bates in person in 2023 to find out exactly what happened after he made the decision to work with a mentor.

A year later, was his life actually better? Was he working fewer hours? Did he overcome his skepticism? Was he seeing a return on his investment?

I won’t answer those questions. I’ll let Vel and Lexc handle them:

If you’re interested in transforming your business over the next year, book a call to talk about mentorship today. It’s totally fine if you’re skeptical: Bring all your questions—especially questions about ROI.

I’ll just give you this number: 93 percent of clients who enroll in our RampUp Program add enough revenue to pay for it in just 12 weeks.


One more thing!

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