TwoBrain Summit 2019: The Lineup

I used to think that seminars were the best way to teach.
Now I don’t. I know that mentorship creates action, and seminars create overwhelm.
For that reason, we only do one big seminar weekend every year: The TwoBrain Summit. This isn’t a lecture series; every hour is an interactive, hands-on workshop where participants get stuff done.
I promise: you’ve never been to a weekend “seminar” like this before!
I founded TwoBrain to help gym owners thrive, and also to help coaches make a career helping others. At the TwoBrain Summit, we have two separate speaker paths for that reason.
Over two days (June 8 and 9, 2019) owners and coaches will learn–and act!–to make better careers and better businesses for their clients, their families and themselves. Here are the topics and speakers on the agenda this year:

Owner’s Side

The Client Success Manager: The Most Important Role In Your Business – Stories and Processes, with Brian Strump and Jeff Burlingame
How To Change Your Life – Jay Williams
Organizational Culture – How to Retain Your BEST Employees, with Eden Watson and Greg Strauch
The Business Owner’s Lifecycle: Breaks, Vacation, Marriage and More, with Sherman Merricks
Motivation and Leadership, with Anastasia Bennett
Converting More Clients: Why You Need To Call Them NOW!, with John Franklin and Mateo Lopez
The “Golden Goose”: Leaving a Farmer Behind When You Reach Tinker Phase, with Jeff Burlingame
How To Start a Business Owners’ Group In Your Community, with Tammy Friedt
Making Decisions: The 3-Question Process for Deciding What to Do, and When to Do It, with Josh Price
How To Tell Compelling Stories About The Three Most Important Client Avatars, with Josh Martin
The Apple Story, FFTT, Where Relationships Should Be Focused, and How, with Josh Martin

Coaches’ Side

How To Make a Career In Fitness, with Brian Alexander
How To Run A Successful Kids’ Program, with Gretchen Bredemeier
How To Sell More Personal Training, with Jeff Burlingame
The Future of the Microgym, with Chris Cooper
1 Year On Seminar Staff: What I Learned, with Oskar Johed
Live Coaching, with Jay Rhodes and Oskar Johed
How To Make $100 Per Hour, with Kaleda Connell
Mobility Vs Stability, with Josh Martin
Two-Brain Coaching, with Josh Martin
Un-Slimy Sales, with Sherman Merricks
Coaching Nutrition, with Lindsay MacDonald
Tinker Group (Thursday and Friday):
Rolling Stone Retirement, with Norm Jaehrling
The Multiple-Location Model: Are You Ready? Should You Do It? With Jeff Larsh
Goodies? Yep. They’ll be there. Awards? Definitely. Shirts? Of course.
All of your favorite members of the TwoBrain Family? YES. Come and meet them in person, work together, and forge bonds with the “tip of the spear!” You are the average of the 5 people you spend your time with: upgrade those top five!
This year, our location is the Crowne Plaza Chicago O’Hare (1-847-671-6350). Mention that you’re booking in the TwoBrainBusiness block!

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