TwoBrain Summit 2019

USD $199.00USD $399.00

The TwoBrain Summit is the preeminent annual meeting for gym owners. Attendees come from around the world, and coaches focus on building their careers while owners focus on building their business. This year, over 350 participants will dive in, do work, and take ACTION prompted by the TwoBrain mentoring team. This is NOT a “sit-and-listen” weekend, and we anticipate an early sellout!

USD $399.00
USD $199.00
USD $399.00


June 8-9, 2019 – Rosemont, IL – at Crowne Plaza Chicago O’Hare

Agenda on the Owners’ side:

Future of the Micro Gym – Chris Cooper
Where Relationships Should Be Focused
Josh Martin
The Client Success ManagerBrian Strump, Jeff Burlingame
Converting More ClientsJohn Franklin, Mateo Lopez
How To Tell Compelling Stories Josh Martin
Corporate Wellness Nicole Aucoin
How to Build A Bootcamp Program Julie Johnston
Business Owner’s Lifecycle – Sherman Merricks
The “Golden Goose” – Jeff Burlingame
Organizational Culture – Eden Watson, Greg Strauch
How To Start a Business Owners’ Group – Tammy Friedt
Making Decisions – Josh Price
Motivation and Leadership – Anastasia Bennett
How To Change Your Life – Jay Williams

Agenda on the Coaches’ Side:

Roadmap to Success – Brian Alexander
Future of the Micro Gym – Chris Cooper
Seminar Staff Learnings – Oskar Johed
Making $100 / Hr – Kaleda Connell
Live Coaching – Jay Rhodes, Oskar Johed
Un-slimy Sales – Sherman Merricks
Nutrition Coaching – Lindsay McDonald, Jen Grenell
Youth Programs – Gretchen Bredemeier
Two Brain Coaching – Josh Martin
Personal Training – Jeff Burlingame
Mobility vs Stability – Josh Martin
Coach Speaker Panel
How To Change Your Life – Jay Williams


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