Two-Brain Summit Speakers: Todd Herman

A portrait of author Todd Herman wearing a blue jacket in front of a white brick wall.

“If you know how to build an audience, you’re set for life.”

Todd Herman has been my business mentor for nearly two years.

After starting as a personal trainer, Herman found that most of his clients needed mental training. He quickly became popular with professional athletes, and his book “The Alter Ego Effect” spread his strategies to CEOs around the world. Todd’s great at getting his clients to perform their best on their own “field of play.”

Todd’s top business strategy for our “field of play”? The 90 Day Year plan.

As gym owners and coaches, we struggle most with overwhelm. There’s so much we could do that we become paralyzed. Should we order more T-shirts for inventory? Hire more trainers? Sell nutrition coaching? Raise our rates? Improve our own fitness? There are never enough hours in the day—unless you plan each day in advance.

Todd’s going to walk us through the 90 Day Year plan at the Summit in June. We’re going to set up the next sprint in your own life on your own field of play. You’re going to leave this presentation knowing exactly what to do, how to do it and where to invest your energy to win.

The 2021 Two-Brain Summit will be online and broadcast to select regional locations on June 19 and 20. Get tickets and more info here.

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