What’s the ROI on Two-Brain Mentorship?

A graphic of a target and an upward trending line with the words "Two-Brain Business ROI."

The value of mentorship snowballs over time.

The changes you make with your mentor will echo for decades—throughout the life of your business and your career.

Imagine making an extra $10,000 per month for the rest of your career. That’s what one top gym owner is doing right now by generating return on investment (ROI) in mentorship. Here’s a leaderboard from May 2021:

A leaderboard graphic showing the top 10 gyms by ROI on mentorship, from over $2,500 to over $10,000.

Want more numbers?

As of 2023, the average ROI for our 12-week RampUp program is 2.4x. So for every dollar you put into it, you get $2.40 out.

There’s more, and this stat shows the compounding effect of mentorship: Clients who work with a Two-Brain mentor for a full year see an average ROI of 13.2x. Invest $1 and get $13.20 back—where else can you get a return like that?

The best part: Your business pays for the cost of mentorship, but you—the owner—get the benefit. With greater profit, more money will make it into your family’s bank account, allowing you to live the life you deserve.

And we’re not providing flash-in-the-pan tactics that work once and never again. We’re teaching you to be an entrepreneur, and the concepts you learn will serve you forever—in this business and even in others if you choose to expand your influence.

Knowledge compounds. Leadership compounds. Experience compounds.

Maximum ROI

Here’s what our top ROI earners said they do to maximize the return on their investment in mentorship:

  • Rely on mentorship to provide accountability.
  • Use mentors as filters to avoid overwhelm and lack of focus.
  • Use specific Two-Brain resources at the time when they will have the greatest effect on an area of focus.
  • Block off CEO time to ensure focused windows for implementing tactics from the Two-Brain Growth ToolKit.
  • Hire staff to allow more time for high-value action.
  • Use Career Roadmap sessions to connect with staff and create buy-in by ensuring gym goals reflect staff goals.
  • Solve the “icon problem” through staff development.
  • Teach all staff members to sell and create redundancy so growth doesn’t slow if a staff member leaves.

Invest and Grow

Every time you fix a painful mistake, you ensure you won’t repeat it.

Every time you upgrade your team, you ratchet up your value.

Every additional month you keep a client is a month in which they’ll see more progress, refer more friends, and contribute more value to your community and your bottom line.

All these things multiply one another. That’s the value of mentorship.

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One more thing!

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