The Tinker Toolkit: Everything You Need to Succeed

A picture with several common tools and the word "Tinker" above them.

If you’ve been around Two-Brain for a while, you’re familiar with the Two-Brain Growth ToolKit. It’s a step-by-step breakdown of every strategy and tactic you can use to grow your gym. If you’re an entrepreneur in the Founder or Farmer phase, the Growth ToolKit is priceless.

In the Tinker Phase, growth becomes exponential instead of linear. You have to grow as a person as much as you grow your business and your wealth platform and your future for your family. And you have to do it all at once!

Enter: the new Tinker Toolkit.

The Tools You Need Now

This is a collection of the best tools, most powerful lessons and greatest connections that I’ve made in my five-plus years in the Tinker stage. Think of them as the greatest workshops, taught by the greatest teachers, that matter to you.

There are great libraries out there now: virtual universities full of pearls sown by experts. But this one is curated to maximize value; every course, workbook and template was built just for you.

As we run new workshops every month in the Tinker group, they’re added to the Toolkit. So if you missed the Sales Mastery or Storytelling workshops in 2021, you’ll find them here—included in the Tinker program only.

You’ll also get the stuff that only Tinkers get—such as the “Fix This Next” workshop with Mike Michalowicz and the incredible “Wealthy Entrepreneur” seminar from Bob Gauvreau. You’ll even get stuff we’ve licensed for you, such as Bob Burg’s Endless Referral System.

The toolkit is full of resources to help you make improvements in each of the “6 F’s” of Tinker Phase: your freedom, future, finance, family, faith and fitness.

If you were to go out and buy each course individually or participate in workshops from each of these amazing hosts, it would cost you well over a million dollars (I know, because that’s what it cost me). But I don’t want you to take five years to reach the level I have!

Where should you start?

Talk to your Tinker Coach. They’ll point you to the lessons and tools you need most right now. But also feel free to seek answers to the questions you haven’t asked yet.

This is, for most, the most exciting phase of entrepreneurship. I’ve just brought a few of my friends to your party!

A screen shot of icons showing the various resources in Two-Brain's Tinker Toolkit.


One more thing!

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