The Panic Vaccine

Two wooden signs pointing opposite ways on a beach, one labeled "panic" and one labeled "calm."

It’s the 28th of the month.
You don’t have enough for the rent.
You just remembered your insurance is due. And this is a three-pay month … .
Anxiety is your cardio now.
You live in constant fear of “what’s going to happen next?” because you’re stuck in a meteor shower, and you know that any little hit could be your last. You’re overwhelmed, overworked, and just kinda over it.
That’s panic.
And data is the vaccine.

What Data Does

Data tells you, “Here’s how other gym owners got through this same situation.”
Data tells you, “Next month will be better.”
Data tells you, “Here’s how to stop this from ever happening again.”
Data is the laser beam that blasts the falling rocks out of the sky before they get close to you.
Data is clarity. Data is a look into the future. Data is absolutely critical to the success of your business.
So why isn’t there any data in the fitness business?
Because, until now, no one would collect it, analyze it and report on it.

Data and Duty

Big chain gyms collect tons of data about their customers’ spending habits. They know when they’re busy. They create budgets around peak seasons. They know when to boost their ad spend, when to hire and when a client is about to leave.
But they don’t share.
Franchisors collect data on their franchisees but don’t give that data back for analysis because it’s their intellectual property. Gathering data is very hard and very expensive, and they want to keep it in the mothership.
And licensors, like CrossFit, don’t collect data at all because they charge too little to pay for that level of business support.
When I visited CrossFit HQ last year, I asked the question over breakfast:
“What if you tracked data for all of your gyms and just released it for anyone to analyze?”
The response: “Good idea. But we’re not going to do it.”
I quickly realized that our company, Two-Brain Business, was in a unique position: We were already the largest mentorship practice in the world, and gym owners trusted us. We had the resources and the ability.
That made it our duty to collect data, analyze it professionally and report back to the community who shared it with us.

The Two-Brain Dashboard

We unveiled the new Two-Brain Dashboard to those in our Incubator and Growth Stages last week. It’s simple and clean but very powerful—all of the individual gym’s information stays private, but we can analyze metadata trends that will benefit the whole industry.
Most importantly, the dashboard makes it really easy for a gym owner to enter data, track it long term and see trends in his or her own gym.
But this is just the start!
The Dashboard will also clearly show gym owners their next step in the path to wealth. Using data and experience collected from over 10,000 one-on-one mentorship calls, our mentor team has mapped several paths to Tinker Phase. Those will show up on the Dashboard soon.
No one else has done it. No one else will. But when you care this much, it’s your duty to give as much help as you can.
Take your hand off the panic button.
Write down your numbers.
Write down your feelings (they’re important, too).
Next time you’re panicked, look back.
Then look ahead. Build your path with stones instead of shifting sand.
And call if you need help.
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