The First Sin of Social Media

I write over 2000 words every day. Two-Brain Business publishes an article, a video or a podcast every single day (and usually at least two of these.) We’re very active on Facebook, pretty good on Instagram and just okay on Twitter. But I’m STILL guilty of the First Sin of Social: I assume everyone sees everything I do.
When I’m choosing a topic for the day, I sometimes catch myself thinking:
“Nah, I wrote about that in 2009.”
…because if you’re reading this, you’ve already read all 400 articles on, plus my three books, plus the 350 articles on TwoBrainBusiness, and the 500 posts I’ve made on other sites…right?
Of course you haven’t!
The first Sin of Social is assuming everyone reads or watches everything you do!
Gary Vaynerchuk’s really big idea is to repurpose content. For example, shoot videos of your seminars. Then take your videos and have them transcribed. Publish the transcription as a series of blog posts. Then take the big ideas and quote them on social media.
I teach this to our mentoring team at TwoBrain. I teach it to business owners in our Authority Ladder program (a $40,000-per-year-partnership.) I’ve even mentioned it to the HQ media department once or twice: when you have powerful ideas, repeat them.
The first Sin of Social Media is the failure to say important things more than once.
Repeat the BIG stuff. We don’t want to miss it.
What’s the MOST important thing you’ve ever shared with your audience? Reply to this email and tell me!
(then share it AGAIN.)


One more thing!

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