The Failure Fantasy

Two gray dragons fly overtop of a castle on a hill and breathe orange flames down on it.

“What if it all just went away … and it wasn’t my fault?”

Many entrepreneurs secretly harbor a “failure fantasy.”
After making the leap from a secure job to a world of chaos, overwhelm and responsibility, they start to think about acceptable ways to bow out of ownership.
Now, this might or might not be conscious. The entrepreneur would probably never say “I’d rather give up than continue.” But he or she might say something like:
“I’m thinking about taking on a partner to share the load.”
Or “I’m going to turn this over to my coaches. It’s all up to them now!”
Or “I’m going to form a board of directors to tell me what to do!”
That last one was something I considered when things got rough. I didn’t really think that my clients knew how to run a business better than I did; I just secretly wanted someone else to blame.
Luckily, I didn’t have an option: My family had to eat. So I pressed on alone and found a mentor. Eventually, things got better when I took control of my business.

Lost and Listless

The Failure Fantasy occurs when gym owners can’t see a clear path forward. When they think about the next two years and see only struggle and uncertainty, they ask themselves a question:
“Isn’t it better to have a bit of short-term pain now—just let it all go to hell—than to draw this out for years?”
And if you don’t have a path forward, it’s a valid question.
If you don’t know how to solve your problems, every single one of them is going to be with you for a long time.
If you lack clarity on your next step, you’re going to stub your toe in the dark. A lot.
The Failure Fantasy is something an outsider would never understand.
“Why would you WANT your business to fail?”
And most entrepreneurs would never torpedo their businesses on purpose. But when the rent is due, your account is short, you’re propping up a smile at 5 a.m., you’re tired, you’re fighting with your spouse about money, that client is late again, and your coach didn’t take out the garbage last night, you start to wonder:
“Would it really be so bad if this all just went away?”

Find Your Way—With Help

I don’t want you to fail. I want you to thrive. I want you to make a difference, make a good living, and make it home in time for dinner.
The Failure Fantasy happens because your fear of the unknown is greater than your confidence in the path you plan to take.
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