The Drive-By

By Jonathan de Friess
CrossFit Eta
Justin, Texas
TwoBrain Family member
A few weeks back, I was driving to my gym. On one of the back road routes, someone is building a training facility. The building is brand new and there is massive amounts of turf outside of the building. I noticed medballs and a few other pieces of equipment when the doors were open on a previous day, which sparked my interest.
Over the next two weeks, I eagerly peered into this new place, sometimes turning around to drive back, just to see what I would be competing against. I wondered how this would affect my business and which clients would have the greatest propensity to move to a place like this.
Then, this past Friday, I was on my way to the gym again. Before reaching this back road, I made a mental note to peek at this new facility. But just before I reached the exit to the back road, I began to think about how to utilize social media to leverage awareness for my gym. I began to connect dots between hashtags, Facebook ads, and retargeting campaigns.
Before I knew it, I was clearly past this potential competitor, and I had completely forgotten to look. But I did not care. I was too busy thinking about what I needed to do. I had no time to pay attention to what someone else was doing.
I lose sight so easily sometimes. I get caught up with everyone else and forget my mission, my purpose, and why my gym is unique. In the Incubator, this is called “Strategic Advantages.” We easily miss “Strategic Advantages” if we are looking at everyone else. But when we define “Strategic Advantages,” we have created leverage for our brand.
What are your “Strategic Advantages?” If you have some, good! Go emphasize them. If you don’t know them, then write out the things that make you unique, and every time you get caught up with competition, read them again.
Jonathan de Friess
CrossFit Eta
Justin, Texas


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