Private, 1:1 Mentorship from the top minds in the fitness business.
Get traction. Stop overwhelm. Take the small steps that make a huge difference.
The Incubator is built for gyms from "just breaking even" to $500,000 in profit.
You need more than knowledge: you need mentorship.
Dozens of video modules, templates and downloads to help with your mentor-assigned weekly homework.
Learn Affinity Marketing, funnel design, Facebook Advertising and email marketing
Clear, step-by-step instructions and assignments that build each week. The ONLY CrossFit-approved mentoring course.
We guarantee you'll make your investment back. No asterisks.
"Amazing what a year makes with the right people! The positivity and inspiration in the Two Brain Business group and the transformation my gym has made since I started with Chris is incredible. I have doubled my income since January which blows my mind. And for the positive changes I’ve made as a business owner rather than a hobbyist, I would pay double."
- Tammy Friedt, CrossFit TPA
"Beginning the two-brain course grew my business so much that I had to expand my facility and add more full-time staff. Having the accountability to get you moving forward with your ideas was by far the most important thing that helped me."
- Ryan Webber, CrossFit Eternal
"My husband and I started working with Two Brain in February. In two months, we took our profit margin from 5% to 21%. Not only that, we also gained a huge amount of knowledge on how to run a business. We now have a business, not just a gym where our friends lift."
- Joleen Bingham, 13 Stripes CrossFit
"i knew I had a lot to learn about growth and profitability but I was stunned by the significant changes in just 3 months. My mentor Ken Andrukow is amazing !!! I have made two friends who also own CrossFit’s sign up !!!!!"
- Garner Tullis, Top Fuel CrossFit
You are a fitness coach.
Your athletes need you to prescribe the optimal path; teach correct form; identify strengths and weaknesses; and build a healthy body for life.
We are business coaches.
Gym owner need mentors to prescribe the optimal path; teach best practices; identify fragilities and opportunities; and solidify your business for life.
All successful business owners have mentors.
Ready to start with your own?
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