The First 40

Every civilization builds on the ruins of the one before.
When buildings fall down, architects can examine them for fault lines and rebuild better than ever. Sometimes, our society progresses in small increments; sometimes it makes giant leaps. These giant leaps happen only after a dramatic event: an earthquake, an explosion, or a battle.
Over the last several years, I’ve mentored over a hundred gyms one-on-one. When I raised a new flag recently (Two-Brain Business, after my books) several asked, “What’s next?”
The change happened suddenly, but I’ve been reflecting on the mentoring process for months. One obvious area I could improve was accountability.
This is accountability.
Three years ago, my principal job as mentor was education: few gym owners knew how to become profitable (some didn’t even WANT to.) Now those ideas permeate our culture; I’ve had gym owners tell me about their unique “4/9 model” or share their “Bright Spots” over email. It’s a great feeling.
NOW my principal role is accountability. The knowledge can be shared via new technology (like the RampUp Program.) But no system works perfectly for everyone; a tailored approach is necessary for every gym, because we’re not franchisees. So my job NOW is to say, “Here’s step one. Do it by Tuesday.”
Three years ago, I was sharing ideas. I still have a ton (here’s the “Ideas” episode of the Podcast) but I spend more time holding people back than pushing them forward. Most gym owners have so MANY ideas they become paralyzed trying to chase them all. So my role has changed to identifying the BIGGEST opportunity, helping the entrepreneur pursue it, leaving a system in our wake, and then moving to the next. Sometimes, it sounds like this: “Here’s step one. Do it by Tuesday. Don’t look at step two yet.”
The Silver program is for gym owners who have already been through a mentoring program with me. They have the foundation, and are ready for consistent execution. These owners will have a meeting with me every month to track progress (there’s a review of metrics EVERY MONTH,) identify weaknesses and opportunities, and forge a game plan for the next 30 days.
I can’t take every owner that I’ve ever mentored, but I can take 40.
This is my first post on the subject, but 20 gyms are already enrolled. You can, too, if you like.
If you haven’t been through a mentorship with me before, you should start with RampUp.
Very soon, two other mentors will be joining the Two-Brain team. They’re working through a qualification system now. Others are eager to join the mentoring team, and the objective qualification requirements will be shared with those this week. When the new mentors are ready, they’ll take the next 40 gym owners who want to form the New Order. But for now, 40 is it.
There’s no “hard sell” coming. This is my last post on the subject for awhile. If you’ve already signed up, thanks! Cool stuff is coming your way. If you’re on the fence, think it over. Either way, your contribution to the Two-Brain community is appreciated and valued!


One more thing!

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