The 2018 Summit: Why You Should Be There

The TwoBrain Summit is the only live event we host for gym owners. While our Level 5 Group meets a few times every year, the Summit is where the entire TwoBrain Family comes together to strengthen our bonds and get some outside perspective.
This year, the Summit will be more interactive than EVER before. Every session will have an ACTION! component–maybe role-playing, content development, a hot seat, or group discussion. You’ll get work DONE here.
We have two curriculum tracks: OWNERS AND COACHES. Both have separate themes.
The Owners’ Track theme is “Founder | Farmer | Tinker | Thief”. We’re going to identify which phase of entrepreneurship you’re in, and tailor your weekend’s work to help you reach the next phase.
The Coaches’ Track theme is “How To Make a Living In The Fitness Business.” We want to tell your coaches all the stuff they need to build a solid foundation under your entrepreneurial umbrella.
Listen to speakers from the TwoBrain Mentoring team on all new topics like:
Affinity Marketing – Chris Cooper – Step by step guided process through Affinity Loops, and finding your NEXT great clients
The Sales Process – Jeff Burlingame – Building your new offerings, presenting options to clients. Then role-playing between gym owners and situational practice sessions.
Staffing – Brian Alexander – How to place the right people in the right seats, based on their personality types, habits and values.
Increasing ARM – Josh Price – How to make a solid career by focusing on high-ARM clients instead of high-volume, fast-turnover clients.
Member Retention – Anastasia Bennett – Using Peak Moments to keep members engaged long-term; firing the “wrong” clients and smashing cliques.
Funnel Marketing – John Franklin – a review of current best practices, what’s working, and what’s NOT
Paying Myself – Brian Alexander and John Briggs on “The Road To 33%” – bring your Big Sheets!
Family/Work Balance – Jeff Smith – The story of how Jeff survived the Houston flooding, kept his family safe, rebuilt his gym and home while helping other gym owners in need
Starting a Nutrition Program – Nicole Aucoin of Healthy Steps – building a corporate challenge, engaging clients in a long-term nutrition strategy.
“The Two-Brain Workshop: What is it and How Can I Get One?” – Eden Watson
The Growth ToolKit to Success – Brian Alexander – Using his new career-planning tool, Brian will walk coaches through the opportunity to make a great career in fitness. Then we’ll give them examples of how to sell more PT, how to pursue their special interests, and how to build their brand under your umbrella!
Nutrition Add-ons – Lindsay MacDonald – how to find clients, run challenges, and build an accountability program for long-term revenue
Selling PT without Feeling like a salesman – Jeff Burlingame – Building a book of business using the Help First mindset, Goal Reviews, and the Prescriptive Model. Jeff will teach your coaches how to sell their services.
RPR – JL Holdsworth – an amazing new system that allows you to make instant improvements in your performance by creating change through your nervous system. We have implemented it with many nfl teams, Jets, Bengals, Vikings, 49ers, Jaguars, Dolphins & a few more
How to Start and run a Kids program – Gretchen Bredemeier – the coordinator of Loco Kids, Gretchen talks about building, filling and programming for a Kids program. She was a huge hit on TwoBrain Radio.
Start and run an Ignite program – Hayley Campbell
The TwoBrain Summit is now the LARGEST SUMMIT EVENT FOR AFFILIATE OWNERS IN THE WORLD! And since over 80% of attendees are TwoBrain gyms, you know you’ll be working with the tip of the spear!

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One more thing!

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