The Secret Behind Top Gym Owners’ Sexy Stats

A jumbled pile of wooden blocks and a carefully organized pile sit on opposite sides of a clock.

Here’s the sexy number: Gym owner goes from working 70 hours a week to 12.

The secret to that dramatic reduction?

It’s not sexy at all. It’s just simple.

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Over the last few months, I’ve spoken to gym owners who have huge hourly rates.

Here’s a guy who makes $867 an hour:

I’ve also spoken to gym owners who slashed ridiculous work hours so they can spend time with their families.

Here’s the guy who went from 70 hours a week to 12:

How did they achieve these numbers?

Through systems.

I’d love to tell you that the secret to working 10 hours a week is some amazing app. Or that you can drive up your earnings through an accounting hack that only celebrities and stock tycoons know about.

But the secret of success in the microgym business is actually completely blah: You need to build systems.

I can almost hear people clicking out of this article right now: “Business systems? I want hacks and apps and tricks.” Those people are doomed to the grind.

If you’re still here, I’ll give you one final grinding task that will set you free from the grind:

Write down every single role in your business and include all the associated responsibilities. Then put all of that in a staff playbook. Include the standard operating procedures that will ensure every single duty in the gym can be performed to the standards you want.

Protip: Do this even—and especially—if you are the only person working in the business, and include the roles and tasks you wish you had time to perform to grow your business. Include everything a great business should have.

I won’t lie. This process is tedious. It’s no fun to document how the morning coach should turn on the lights and set the music volume to three before writing the workout on the board and preparing to greet each arriving member by name with a smile.

But if you do this—if you write down everything that will make your gym run smoothly—you’ll be on your way to making $867 an hour or working 10 hours a week.

Roles/tasks and standard operating procedures are the backbone of any business that scales. That’s true if you want to build a fast-food empire or tech company. It’s also true if you’re a passionate coach and gym owner who runs a one-person show at present.

Yes, you can keep doing everything and “wearing every hat.” But eventually you’re going to burn out. The solution: Invest some time in creating systems for your business.

I’ll give you three resources to help. The first will reinforce the idea that you must have systems in your gym, and the second will save you a ton of time in creating those systems:

“You Need Systems (WTF Are Gym Systems?)”

“Done for You Hiring Plan and  Detailed Job Descriptions for Gym Owners”

Your final resource: mentorship. Beyond our free resources, Two-Brain has a wealth of clients-only, done-for-you solutions that save gym owners time when they’re building out the systems that will grow their businesses.

Two-Brain mentors also help clients hire staff, delegate tasks and create the revenue required to pay for team members. They guide gym owners to offload certain roles before others, and they provide step-by-step instructions to ensure the handoff goes smoothly and the business grows. To hear more about that process, book a call here.

Whatever you do, remember this: Sexy numbers are built on solid systems, just like a 300-lb. snatch is built on years of work with an empty bar.


One more thing!

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