Real Sales Stats: How Does Your Gym Compare?

A gym owner sits at a table and does a free fitness consultation with two prospective clients.

Is your marketing working?

If you’re not measuring these metrics, you can’t answer the question:

Set rate: the number of people who set an appointment for a free consultation. These are people who are interested enough to sit down and hear your pitch.

Show rate: the number of people who book an appointment and actually show up. Sadly, you will never get every single person who books to show up. That’s OK: The people who show are serious about signing up.

Close rate: the number of people who buy.

In a competitive market full of distracted consumers, you will never get every single lead to book, show up and buy. However, if you know your numbers and track them every month, you can diagnose the problems in your marketing.

For example:

A graphic showing decreasing numbers of people icons at the leads, set, show and close stages of marketing.

Finding a weak link like that is a big deal because we have proven strategies to solve problems. Below, you’ll find some of the many ways you can improve each part of your marketing funnel.

If you need more leads in your funnel, you can:

  1. Increase your ad spend.
  2. Refresh your creative.
  3. Test an alternate offer.
  4. DM people who like/follow/comment on your social-media platforms to push them down the funnel.

If you need more appointments (set rate), you can:

  1. Improve your speed to contact.
  2. Improve your call to action on your website.
  3. Make sure the booking link on your website actually works. (Yes, an entire funnel can be destroyed by a typo in a URL.)
  4. Increase your outreach volume.
  5. Call leads faster.

If you need to improve your show rate, you can:

  1. Send personal messages through video or text.
  2. Build rapport through email, text or DM.
  3. Create some scarcity or urgency before your appointment.
  4. Set up an automated reminder sequence.
  5. Get people who book into appointments as fast as possible.

If you need to improve your close rate, you can:

  1. Practice selling and handling objections.
  2. Pre-frame their problem before the appointment.
  3. Prequalify your leads.
  4. Build rapport.
  5. Clarify their problem.
  6. Clearly tell them how you’ll help.
  7. Create conviction and ask them to sign up.

Of course, not everyone needs to do all of these things at once. A mentor can help you choose your top priority and improve your metrics fast.

What should your numbers be? Here are the stats from the top Two-Brain gyms for set, show and close in February:

A Top 10 gym marketing leaderboard showing set rate, from 39 to 87 appointments booked.
A Top 10 gym marketing leaderboard showing show rate, from 26 to 76 appointments kept.
A Top 10 gym marketing leaderboard showing close rate, from 20 to 55 sales.

We present these leaderboards separately because we can learn from the gyms that post the best numbers in each category. We share the scores publicly so that you have something to aim for (and our clients see the names of the gyms, too).

So how do your numbers compare?

If you don’t have any numbers, start tracking metrics today. That’s the first step to improving them.

And if you want an expert to help you improve your marketing numbers, let’s talk about mentorship.


One more thing!

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