Building Your PT Business: Always Have a Solution

Always have a solution - a hand checking a happy face off a list

By Joleen Bingham, Certified Two-Brain Fitness Business Mentor

Your clients need you to help them solve their problems. It’s your job as a fitness professional to have the solutions they need. 

In “Building Your Personal Training Business: The Critical First Step,” we talked about identifying the ideal clients you want to serve and understanding their problems. Now that you’ve discovered these problems, you must create the solutions. 

Do you have middle-aged professionals who always seem to have nagging aches and pains? Maybe create a program to help people return to fitness or hire a personal trainer who is qualified to identify and correct movement imbalances and weaknesses. 

Do you have competitive athletes who want to get to the next skill level? Perhaps offer sessions designed to assess where they are and provide skills and drills that will help them level up. 

Do you have several group-class clients who have recently asked to put their memberships on hold or have cancelled due to busy schedules? One solution might be to offer them personal training sessions, perhaps shorter than 60 minutes, that can be scheduled when they have time. 

Do you have clients who are scared to return to the gym due to COVID-19? Why not give them the option of training one on one when no one else is in the gym?

Focus on the Client’s Needs

The best solution is the one that helps the client most. Many of your clients might be best served in a group setting, and for those members, that path will lead to success. 

But for those who have problems that can’t be solved in a group class, you need to have creative solutions or you’ll risk losing the clients to a gym owner who does.


One more thing!

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