Online Training: The Good, Better and Best Strategies for Delivery

Man using smartphone during workout at home.

Streaming online classes won’t keep your clients around during the crisis.
While the novelty factor is high, our data shows that attendance in online classes begins to drop as early as the third day. Some gyms are able to keep clients fully engaged for up to five days, but the rent is due in 10 days, and the crisis will probably go on for at least 60.

There’s a “good-better-best” approach to online training.

Online video classes—good or at least slightly better than nothing. But you can’t compete with the free services out there. This approach won’t set you up for long-term retention or new client recruitment. If you’re determined to stick with online video classes, you’d better be as good as Peloton: They’re your competition now.

Personal customization of your program—better. As I wrote in the free guide “How to Add Online Training in 24 Hours,” you can deliver your general programming and still bill your clients for it. But you must customize the training by explaining its personal relevance to each client, one at a time.

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We teach you how to personalize workouts in the Two-Brain Coaching Group Coaching Course, and co-founder Josh Martin gives daily examples in the Two-Brain Coaches Facebook Group.

Online personal programming—This is the best scenario: fully customized personal programs for your clients (with or without nutrition coaching).

Two-Brain Business clients have access to a full course detailing all the elements of the Flex Online system. This is what you’ll want to build if you want to offer online training after this crisis ends (and I’m pretty sure you will).

To keep your clients around past April, you need to address them 1:1 every single day.

Sure, you can add video classes and demos and social time. But don’t bank on them to save your gym.


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