Never Enough?

By Jay Williams, Two-Brain Mentor
Do you sometimes feel like it’s never enough?
Never enough equipment, never enough members.
People aren’t happy enough, your systems aren’t tight enough…
The coaches aren’t good enough…
Your gym isn’t big enough.
You look at social media, and everyone is posting their highlights and you just feel like yours simply don’t measure up.
I feel that way often…
The truth is, we all struggle. We are all trying to measure up to the ideal we see.
A perfect gym full of members who can’t wait to pay you tons of money, cause no drama, and listen intently during your classes.
If it were that easy, everyone would do it.
So how do you deal with these struggles?
The same way you tell your members to when they feel like they aren’t measuring up.
“Why is my deadlift so weak?”
“Why is that girl beating me on the oly lifts?”
“Why can’t I finish Fran under the cutoff?”
And what do you tell them?
Focus on steady progress and track your numbers!
That’s the key…
Whenever I get depressed, I get logical…what do the numbers say?
If you base your business on how you feel, it’s going to change every day based on how the wind blows.
Your favorite member moves or leaves, you’re going to be depressed that day and the business will suck. A person signs up for a big PT package? You’re going to be happy that day and the business will be awesome.
But if you focus on the numbers you can avoid the manic depressive nature of the business.
It’s simple, is your average revenue per member going up or holding steady? Are your members sticking around? Did your revenue go up?
Yes? Great! Keep doing what you’re doing and focus on getting a few more people in the door.
Are they going in the wrong direction? make some changes.
With this approach, you can take action based on real data, not just feelings.
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