Microgym Myths

As microgym owners, we’re driven.

Sometimes we’re driven in the wrong direction. We believe things that aren’t true and then spend years going the wrong way. Myths are costly—and sometimes deadly.

Our mission is to make 1 million fitness entrepreneurs profitable. That means our free service helps them get going in the right direction, and our paid service gets them all the way there.

One of my first posts on this blog was called “Top 9 Myths Gym Owners Believe.” It’s fun to look back in time and think, “Remember when that was the prevailing wisdom?”

Most of the myths in that old post are dead now. But the sticky ones have a way of hanging around. And sometimes long-dead beliefs pop up again.

I want gym owners to work hard on 2021 problems, not try to solve 2015 problems all over again. So in this series, I’m going to address three of the biggest myths in the microgym industry in 2021:

1. “The market chases excellence.”

2. “If you build it, they will come.”

3. “‘More clients’ is the answer.”

One of these is true but insufficient.

One is so false that it can kill your gym.

And one just won’t go away.

Which is which? I’ll tell you this week. I’ll also give you some real answers.

But right now I want to hear from you: What are the biggest myths that you see in the industry? Are they new myths or sticky old stories that just won’t go away? Email me at

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One more thing!

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