Top 9 Myths Gym Owners Believe

I do free calls with affiliates. I’m getting close to 1000 of them now: 30 – 60 minutes, on my dime. It’s taken me years to reach this point.

Recently, I’ve noticed a disturbing trend: gym owners are making decisions based on guesses, random advice and feelings…but not data. They’re risking their future, their family’s grocery budget and their client’s long-term access to coaching because they don’t check the numbers.
Here are some common myths:

  1. People join CrossFit for “the community”
  2. The most important number to track is how many athletes you have
  3. Everyone except you is doing well
  4. Clients choose a gym because of its workout programming
  5. People in your town are scared of the word “CrossFit”
  6. Average household income in your area matters
  7. People seek a low price-point to start
  8. Gyms with 300 members are successful
  9. Sharing thoughts on the election is a great idea

No data supports any of the above. They’re beliefs, not facts. They’re opinion wrapped in a sticky story.

Every day, I wake up at 4am and write. I ask myself, “What was the best question I was asked yesterday? How can I provide the answer to others?” Then I blog, or plan a quick video. I wrote “Help First” and “Two-Brain Business 2.0” in 70 days because there were SO many good questions on these calls. The information to solve huge problems is now available on our site.

As I say on my podcast, “Ask better questions. Tell better stories.”
If I can see weaknesses better, I can help more. But if I miss a weakness–or see something that ISN’T there, like one of the myths above–my information isn’t helpful. Information given without data is just opinion. And there’s far too much opinion masquerading as truth in the gym owners’ world.
How can YOU get this data? Fill out our 2016 Gym Owners’ Survey. Give YOUR data – anonymously, of course – and you’ll get EVERYONE’s real data. You’ll also get my interpretation of that data and its trends. AND you’ll get three free webinars too, because we already know three of the most important questions.

It’s time to get real. For too long, we’ve run our gyms by consensus: we’ve tried to make a business out of an exercise model. We’ve taken the opinion of others as gospel, without the context of knowing how their gym is actually performing. And we’ve just assumed that better coaching would equal more members. And that more members would equal a better life.
Serious gym owners look beyond opinion and get to the facts. My goal is to FIND the actual facts and present them as such.

Thanks for participating. I love this community.

PS – this data is for OUR use – gym owners. That’s it. We’re not selling it.


One more thing!

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