Mentorship: The Path to $100,000 Income and $1 Million Net Worth

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We open gyms because we’re passionate about changing lives through health and fitness.

That’s why I opened a gym, and I know you had the same reasons.

But I discovered a way to exponentially increase my impact as an entrepreneur through mentorship.

I learned how to build a profitable, stable business that will last for decades, and then I learned how to build wealth so I can give back to the community around that gym in a big way.

All fitness entrepreneurs have this opportunity, but very few capitalize on it.

I want you to be an entrepreneur who changes the world, so here’s the secret:

Ask for help, accept the help, do the right work at the right time, grow the business quickly, build wealth and give back.

A mentor can take you places that were once off limits to gym owners. As proof, I’ll offer the 48 millionaire gym owners Two-Brain has certified. These fitness entrepreneurs are literally changing the world around them.

Here’s the exact path to joining their ranks. It starts with hands-on, focused, tactical work at ground level.

Stage 1

Essential Details

  • Timeline: About six weeks.
  • Mentor contact: every seven to 10 days.
  • Goal: Laser-focused work to produce quick wins and momentum.

Our program is an investment that will pay a return for decades. To start, we want you to see a clear return right out of the gate and make the money that will pay for mentorship.

Stage 1 is structured to provide rapid growth, quick wins and momentum.

Two gym owners hold a lion flag and celebrate next to Two-Brain mentor Joleen Bingham.

We’ll teach you exactly how to make the money you need to pay for program. We don’t do this with wild, unsustainable strategies like bait-and-switch marketing or paid-in-full campaigns—this stuff actually guts a business and kills growth.

Instead, we help you build and sell a solid front-end offer, and we teach “non-slimy” sales techniques so you can capitalize on the three marketing funnels we help you build: organic social media, referrals and paid ads.

The goal is to make money quickly, and the pace is intense. That’s why you have regular contact with a mentor. The mentor will help you find the time you need to do the work and tell you “do this thing right now.”

In this stage, you’ll knock off tasks in order and literally feel momentum building. It’s a very exciting time.

Real client quote: “Only three weeks into my mentorship program with Two-Brain. I’ve already been so much more productive and focused with the help of (my mentor) and this program. It will undoubtedly change my life.” —Stephen Cornely, Triad Wellness Philly

Stage 2

Essential Details

  • Timeline: Variable—the work can be completed in 11 weeks.
  • Mentor contact: About every 14 days.
  • Goal: Build a rock-solid foundation so your business lasts for decades.

After you’ve got some quick wins and you feel momentum building, we get into the nitty-gritty in Stage 2. This is where we fix mistakes, build systems and create the structure your business needs to thrive long term.

You’ll work with a mentor in six key areas:

  • Marketing (build another funnel).
  • Sales (focus your options to boost close rate).
  • Cost Control (build a dashboard and understand financials).
  • Retention (implement proven plug-and-play systems to keep clients longer).
  • Operations (customize our battle-tested handbooks, frameworks and systems).
  • Team Building (use done-for-you playbooks and exercises to create careers for staff members).

In Stage 2, your mentor will build you a customized roadmap to get you from where you are to where you want to go, and you’ll track metrics so you know you’re making progress.

A gym owner holds a trophy and smiles beside a Two-Brain mentor.

This work can be overwhelming on your own. There’s so much you could do.

We simplify everything and lay out a step-by-step plan, and we provide world-class plug-and-play resources so you can move at very high speed. Your mentor will even do tasks with you if you want.

How much time does this process save? A lot. Example: You can spend months making your own ops manual. Or you can spend a little time customizing about 15 percent of our done-for-you resources so they’re perfect for your business.

If you get these essentials in place now, your business will be better off every month for decades. When you consider that, the reward for your work in Stage 2 is incredible.

Real client quote: “Celebrating a year with Two-Brain in two days. Implemented SOPs throughout my business, and I doubled my revenue and my membership base in that time. I significantly increased my confidence as a business owner and found financial security!” —Molly Purvis, CrossFit Burlington


Essential Details

  • Timeline: Variable–the average time to get to $100,000 net owner benefit (NOB) is two years, one month and nine days, regardless of starting point. Some entrepreneurs have moved much faster.
  • Mentor contact: Focused calls monthly, with homework and accountability.
  • Goal: Reach your Perfect Day and target income–$100,000 net owner benefit is a common goal.

With a foundation in place, it’s time to start working on larger projects. This is where you create opportunities and really grow the business.

It’s also where a lot of people get lost without expert help. You have so many options at this stage, and overwhelm, inaction and backsliding are very common when gym owners try to scale up without guidance.

Gym owner Chris Plentus receives an award for $1 million net worth from Two-Brain Founder Chris Cooper.

A mentor is going to tell you the exact lever you need to pull right now to move your business forward—and you’ll get all the resources you need to move quickly and confidently.

You’ll be tracking key metrics in your dashboard, and you’ll get the tools you need to improve those metrics.

We get tactical in a big way. With your mentor, you’ll identify your priority and then take swift action. We have courses for everything from content marketing to recapturing old clients to developing nutrition programs. Whatever metric you’re focusing on, your mentor will assign the right course, provide the done-for-you assets you need and follow up: “Did you do the work?”

Remember, this isn’t a “learning course” in which we dump a ton of info in your lap and expect you to sort it out on your own. This is mentorship: We give you the exact right tools for the job, tell you how to use them and make sure you get the work done.

I’m not exaggerating when I say we regularly see incredible business transformations in this stage of mentorship, and it’s thrilling when a gym owner goes from earning very little to making six figures or more. That’s a life-changing evolution, and we see it all the time.

Real client quote: “All-time monthly revenue PR! We are up 103% since March of 2023 and I’m coaching less classes. My mentor, Karen, has continued to steer me into a focused direction to attack weaknesses. Cheers to higher goals and relentlessly eliminating weak spots in my business!” —Jacob Hudson, Rebar Performance


Essential Details

  • Timeline: Variable—the average time to get to $1 million net worth after reaching $100,000 NOB is about two years.
  • Mentor/peer contact: Quarterly in-person meetups with all Tinkers and world-class experts, biweekly accountability check-ins with mentor, group calls.
  • Goal: Become a millionaire, earn money from wealth (not work), impact your community.
A large group of top gym owners posed in front of a Las Vegas hotel as part of a Two-Brain Tinker event.

Only some gym owners ascend to this level, moving “from income to investment.”

Fitness entrepreneurs are ready when their gyms are running very well without constant oversight and they’re making a little more than they need.

With a little extra time and money, gym owners can learn to invest to build multi-generational wealth. Real estate, crypto, second locations, complementary businesses, stocks—it’s all on the table because these entrepreneurs have freedom of time and finance.

This investment isn’t just about money. Yes, we teach Tinkers how to build wealth in many ways—including use of our Tinker Toolkit—but we also help them improve themselves. We want them to live long, healthy lives so they can improve their communities. It’s about lifespan and healthspan—many years spent in great health, with a lot of freedom.

It’s also about personal development. We help Tinkers reconnect with families after years of grinding to build a business. We help them get fitter, find happiness, improve their leadership skills and plan for the future.

As of press time, we’ve certified 48 millionaires, with more added to the list each month. They are incredible, generous people who are changing the world around them for the better.

And you could be one of them someday.

Real client quote: “I tried to do it on my own. Even though I had the knowledge, I didn’t have success. I kept getting stuck and not moving the needle forward. I was tired of saying, ‘I only need 10 more clients.’ I hired a mentor and suddenly had a profitable business. I did exactly what they said even if it made me uncomfortable. I joined Tinker 15 months later and am now a mentor.” —Kourtney Brownlow, owner of Franklin Strength and Wellness, Tinker and Two-Brain mentor

Mentorship for the Win

You might be able to ascend to Tinker level on your own. It would be very tough, but there’s a small chance you could do it through trial and error and a lot of work.

A huge group of gym owners smile outside the hotel at the Two-Brain Summit in Chicago.

Similarly, you can build a strong business and reach $100,000 NOB without help.

But how long will it take to reach $100,000 income or $1 million net worth?

And how many mistakes will you make along the way? How many dinners with your spouse will you miss? How many of your kids’ baseball games?

In a worst-case scenario, can you really weather a decade of grinding for little pay to get to the “good part”? Most can’t—and you don’t have to. We can help you reach your goals very quickly and shave years off “the grind.”

Real client quote: “I finally hired a mentor because after five years I had taken my business as far as I could alone, and I knew I needed a mentor if I wanted it to continue.” —Eric Conner, CrossFit Reform

Mentorship is an investment in your family, your coaches, your clients and yourself as a leader. And it has huge ROI.

When you buy mentorship, you buy speed. Everyone needs a goal, a great plan and someone to hold them to the plan. When all of that is in place, amazing things happen rapidly.

Our stats say you could be a millionaire gym owner in about four years if you do the right things.

To talk about a customized mentorship plan that will help you earn the life you want, book a call here.


One more thing!

Did you know gym owners can earn $100,000 a year with no more than 150 clients? We wrote a guide showing you exactly how.