Today’s guests are Kaleda Connell and Tammy Friedt. Both are CrossFit gym owners who have grown their businesses through the help first mentality.  These two really personify the spirit of help first and they have been successful by co-branding and working with other businesses within their community. In this episode, we talk about how they approach those businesses, what their relationships look like, and how they are helping them.


It is very easy to open a CrossFit gym, but it’s hard to keep one running. CrossFit gym owners must learn fast and develop their skills in areas like Facebook marketing and email lists. But what’s MORE important is developing in-person relationships with the people around you, including other businesses with overlapping target markets.

Many entrepreneurs don’t possess the skills or mindset to develop a solid cross-referral program. But Tammy and Kaleda do, and in this episode they’ll share how to approach other businesses, how to use the “help first” mindset to start a referral program, and even how to mentor others to be more successful.


Tammy and Kaleda are provide many actionable steps you can take starting today. I also hope that you realize how much you know and how great of a position you are in to help those in your community do better. Entrepreneurship is the lynchpin of our economy and it is necessary to save not only my local economy but yours too!


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In this Interview:


  • What does forming partnerships with a local business look like?
  • How to form a business group within your CrossFit gym
  • What knowledge are other businesses missing out on?




  • The “help first”principle and how to implement it
  • Being rewarded for helping other businesses in your community
  • Going out of the way to help a competitor


About Kaleda:


Kaleda is from Palmerston, Ontario where she grew up on her family’s farm.  She has been training using the CrossFit method since 2012 and before that was an avid hockey and soccer player. After realizing there was nowhere to work out within in her town, she started Degree CrossFit Seaforth. She began by working out of her own garage but now she owns her own affiliate and is a successful box owner!


About Tammy:


Tammy is an experienced coach having trained others in spinning, kickboxing, metabolic conditioning, boot camps, and yoga. After participating in her first WOD she was instantly hooked to CrossFit. She now own CrossFit TPA near Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania. She is focused on helping her clients get healthier and obtain the results that they desire!




2:49 – Thinking Outside the Box introduction

6:17 – Kaleda’s story and how she got her start with CrossFit

8:53 – Tammy’s story and how she got hers tart with CrossFit

13:06 – What does forming partnerships with local businesses look like? – Kaleda

14:30 – Starting a conversation with a local business and forming partnerships – Kaleda

16:32 – Forming a business group within your CrossFit gym – Tammy

21:21 – What are the lessons you have learned that you can teach other business owners – Kaleda

25:00 – What knowledge is passed on most often to other business owners – Tammy

30:47 – How often do tech related problems come up when helping other businesses – Kaleda

32:53 – Why videos are more impactful than a regular post on social media -Tammy

36:31 – Revitalizing old machines by creating posts on Facebook

37:13 – How has implementing the help first principle come back to you -Kaleda

39:18 – Are other businesses providing active referrals for helping them first? – Kaleda

40:42 – What rewards have you seen from partnering with other businesses?  -Tammy

44:46 – Taking time to help another gym owner within your community – Kaleda

47:02 – Going out of your way to help someone open a nearby CrossFit gym -Tammy



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