Always Be Conversing: Lead Nurture in 2024

On a chalk board, a hand draws people icons being attracted to a large, red magnet.

Do you really need more leads?

Or do you need to work harder with the leads you’re getting?

I’d wager it’s the latter.

But here’s a secret: You’re almost certainly getting more leads than you realize.

This isn’t “Glengarry Glen Ross,” where you get an index card with the name of a lead on it. 

Leads are everywhere, and they aren’t that hard to find. But some people don’t know what a lead is in 2024.

Leads are:

  • Anyone who likes a post you or your business made on social media.
  • Anyone who comments on a social-media post.
  • Anyone who follows you or your business on social media.
  • Anyone who is a member of a social-media group you run or are part of.
  • Anyone who visits your website.
  • Anyone you speak to in the course of your day.

You might think I’m trying to be cute. I’m not. In the digital era, “a lead” is anyone who is connected to you or your business in any way. You have their contact info and a way to reach out to them in seconds, right? The Glengarry sales team would have killed for that.

You’re right: Some of these leads are very cold, but they are still leads. And with proper nurturing, some will become clients.

The real secret to marketing is lead nurture, not lead generation. Getting attention is easy now. Getting a client to take steps toward purchase—nurturing them, in other words—is the hard part.

Back in 2021, I set up a 100-Lead Challenge for Two-Brain clients: I told them to start conversations by offering a valuable free resource in a Facebook group. When they followed the plan, the leads poured in. The winner got 100 leads in just 18 days.

Now, I’m telling you that you can start conversations even more quickly by reaching out to people who simply follow you on social media or like your posts.

I’m going to tell you exactly how to do that in my new guide, “The Ultimate Sell-by-Chat Strategy for Gym Owners,” which comes out tomorrow. (I’ll make sure you know how to get it!)

Nurturing Tips

Here, I’ll give you Two-Brain clients’ top tips for nurturing relationships by DM so people trust you enough to buy. These tips come from participants in our 2021 100-Lead Challenge:

1. “Pretend they’re literally sitting right in front of you. Just talk to them like a human.”

2. “I followed the Two-Brain Business script until I was comfortable. Then I just started asking questions in my own voice.”

3. “I get myself in the right frame of mind: These people need me, and if I don’t ask them to talk about my gym, they’ll probably waste money on crap that will make them less healthy.”

4. “I didn’t feel comfortable asking people to get on a call at first. But then I started telling them how I could help and asking if they’d like to talk more. I even said ‘I promise you don’t have to buy anything’ and still got over 30 No Sweat Intros.”

5. “It’s OK if they’re not ready to sign up yet. The longer they stay in your (social media) group, the more they’ll like you!”

6. “My old lead-nurture sequence took months or weeks. This takes hours or days.”

7. “Respond to texts when you’re in the right headspace. Don’t do it mid-workout or when you’re hangry.”

Remember this:

1. If someone follows your business or likes a post, you’re just a step away from a chat.

2. If someone chats with you, you’re just a step away from a phone call or in-person meeting.

3. If someone talks with you, they’re just a step away from signing up to work with you.

Some leads will take the steps quickly, but others will need more time. That’s OK. Start as many conversations as you can, then keep them going with messages and content and help.

Eventually, some cold leads will move from paying attention to paying you money.


One more thing!

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