How To Write a 6-Email Conversion Script

I get cold leads all the time. I get them from Facebook ads. I get them from Instagram. I even get them from Amazon.
Only a small fraction of those cold leads ever jump straight to a purchase. Most need to know MORE: they need to know that I care about their problems and have a reasonable chance of solving them.
The job of your website is to get people off Facebook, and encourage them to sign up for your email list (or a face-to-face meeting.) No one browses websites anymore. So you write content to attract people to your site, and then you get them to continue the conversation through email.
The email conversation should explain the benefits of your service, and “warm them up” to book a consultation with you. The emails can easily be set up to run automatically without fancy software – just a MailChimp account is more than enough, and some billing platforms actually allow you to build in email automations. We show you how in our mentoring program.
At our gym, if we get 10 cold leads from a Facebook ad and two sign up for a No-Sweat Intro right away, we can reliably convert three more from our email sequences. Here’s a short video on how to build an email automation in MailChimp, set up a form on your site, and trigger the emails to send on your schedule:

(Can’t see the video? Here’s the link:
Scroll lower on this post, and you’ll find the DIY guide to writing a six-email starter sequence (we give our actual text and several other sequences to clients in the Growth Stage of our mentoring program.)
Overall look and feel: personal, not like a newsletter. Avoid logos or footers. Use first-person, intimate language. It should look like a real email. Use merge tags to insert the person’s real name in the email, and ALWAYS have a PS with an action at the end.
The goal of our first email sequence: Get the prospect to book a call.
Our Call Plan is covered in the Growth Stage of our mentorship practice.

First Email– Thanks for signing up! Here’s what to expect from us over the next few days.
Also include: You’ll have an opportunity to book a free No-Sweat Intro with us. Want to skip right to that step? Click here!
Second Email– Here’s the #1 struggle faced by people like you, and here’s how we solve it.
Follow your Niche ID template from the Authority Ladder to point out the biggest challenges to your niche, and how you can solve them.
Third Email– Link to video. Twist the knife: if the struggle from email #2 isn’t resolved, how bad could things get? Share a story of a worst-case scenario.
Fourth Email– The “light at the end of the tunnel” email. Share client stories with successful outcomes. Show the contrast between the “twist the knife” video and the happy ending.
Foreshadow the next email: “Tomorrow, I’ll tell you how Shane got out of his rut…”
In the PS, share a link to book. “If you’re too impatient, go ahead and skip to the free call with me…”
Fifth Email– the Sales email. Tell the secrets. Remind the reader of Shane’s story, and what he did to reach a happy ending.
Have a CLEAR call to action printed at least twice, with a link to purchase in 2 clicks or less.
Sixth Email (48 hours later) – Send as a reminder to book a call today. Show what they’ll miss out on if they don’t.

No action? Drop their email into your general email list, and keep sending them love letters forever!
Writing good emails might be an art, but you don’t have to be a master. You can paint by numbers.
Marketing strategies to generate cold leads come and go. But as you get further down the funnel, the strategies change less often. Three years from now, if your cold leads are coming from Virtual Reality tours instead of Facebook, you can still point them toward your email list or YouTube channel, trigger an automated sequence, and warm them up.
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