How To Create Good Blog Content

You need to show people how you can help them.
Content marketing doesn’t mean plastering flyers on windshields: it means demonstrating your expertise. After all, if they don’t KNOW you’re the best coach around, who’s going to tell them? Not your competition!
Here’s how to create a simple 300-word blog post:
Explain how your topic will help the reader. Give them a reason to pay attention. Benefits, not features:
“Squatting will keep you out of the nursing home. It’s the single most important exercise you can do. Here’s how to do it right.”
Show, don’t tell. Keep instructions simple, and use pictures to illustrate what you want.
“Push your hips back until your weight is on your heels (you should be able to wiggle your toes.)”
Focus on what to DO, not what to avoid.
Give examples: when should people squat? How often?
“Try to do ten perfect squats in a row. Include squats in your warm-up, or do 20 while the coffee’s brewing!”
Give the reader a “next step” to take.
“Click here to watch a video demo!”
The most important thing in content marketing is CONSISTENCY. Get a blog post up every week, and post a coaching video at least three times every month. Make it good, not perfect, and hit “post.”
A downloadable version of this post to add to your staff handbook:
Blog Post Template


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