How to Achieve any Goal

The word "goals" sits next to an escalating stack of wood blocks with "step by step" printed on them.

Moving From General to Specific: What Fitness Coaches Know but Business Owners Forget

My bio on Amazon says, “If Chris Cooper has a superpower, it’s the ability to make mistakes—and recover—faster than anyone else.”
But that’s not my real skill.
My real skill is the ability to break a big problem down into tiny, winnable parts.

The reason our Incubator program is so effective is that it addresses the huge problems you’re facing:
1. Not making enough money.
2. Working too many hours/working too hard.
3. Lack of clarity with staff.
4. Undercharging for your service.
5. Failing to keep clients.
6. Keeping the wrong clients.
7. Failing to make your ad funnel work.
8. Losing sleep because (all of the above).
The Incubator breaks all these big problems down into simple steps.
For example, you have to build a retention system before you learn a sales process. And you have to learn a sales process before you learn how to market. And you have to be good at relationship marketing before you start running paid ads.
Of course, there are things you have to build before you build a retention system, too. And you’ll do those, step by step, with a real mentor (not a help line) in the Incubator.
There’s nothing else in the world like it, because—let’s face it—it’s crazy expensive to build and run. Consultants make more money selling courses and doing one-off seminars. They don’t have to make any kind of emotional investment. They don’t have any skin in the game.
But I built the Incubator around mentorship because that’s what actually works.
You don’t need new ad copy. You don’t need to deaffiliate. You don’t need 30 new ideas. You need a path—and a mentor to guide you.
Just like your clients do.
This week, I’ll post five articles (including this one). Here are the next four:
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If these make logical sense to you, then knowledge isn’t really your problem. Action is.
So if by Saturday (or sooner!) you read something that makes you think, “Yeah, that makes a lot of sense,” I want you to take some minimal action: Book a free call with a Two-Brain mentor.
That’s the first step. The mentor will tell you the second step. It makes no sense to wait.


One more thing!

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