How Long Does It Take to Fix a Gym?

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How long does it take to “fix a gym”?

The answer depends on your exact definition of “fix,” but I’ll give you a few general numbers:

  • If you really commit to doing the work, you can significantly improve your fitness business in just 12 weeks.
  • If you continue doing the work, you can reach a major milestone—six-figure earnings as owner—in about two years. (Some people do it much faster.)

So how long does it take to fix a gym?

Not that long—if you’re prepared to do the work.

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The numbers I laid out above come from Two-Brain’s internal data set. We track everything, and we know our 12-week RampUp program can help a gym owner make dramatic changes very quickly.

Get this: 93 percent of gym owners add enough new revenue in RampUp to pay for the program—and that’s recurring revenue, not a flash in the pan supplied by some one-time fire sale or crazy gimmick.

That’s just a general stat.

Here’s what the RampUp transformation looks like in reality: Stephanie Fowler of EMPOWERHOUSE Gym told me she was on the verge of shutting down her business. Instead, she signed up for RampUp. This is what she accomplished:

  • She acquired more new clients in 12 weeks than she had acquired in years.
  • She was able to pay herself a salary for the first time in three years.
  • She stopped putting RampUp fees on her credit card because she had generated enough revenue to cover the cost from her gym’s bank account.

If you want to watch my full interview with Stephanie, you can do so here.

Maybe you want another example. I’ve got one.

A guy named Chris Cooper recently fixed his gym. He’s busy running several businesses that take up almost all his time—like Two-Brain Business, which serves almost 1,000 gym owners around the world.

When Chris reviewed his own gym, Catalyst, in April of this year, he found some problems. In fact, he found so many that he thought about closing the gym or selling it. Instead, he decided to personally use the Two-Brain program he had created to help other gym owners.

Guess what? In five months, Chris was able to put his gym back on track—and he did it while running a giant, worldwide company at the same time.

“By using the stuff that we teach in Two-Brain, my gym was saved,” Chris said.

If you want to hear the whole story in detail, check out the “Run a Profitable Gym” podcast.

Start Fixing Your Gym Today

My point here?

I want you to know you can fix your gym.

You can fix it if it’s newer, small and struggling to grow. You can also fix it if it’s big, old and sinking under the weight of a decade of mistakes.

All you have to do is get help and then do the work. Doing the work probably won’t be a problem for you. You run a gym, after all, and you know how to dig in.

But you might be leery about getting help. The gym world is full of snake oil and BS. I understand. I hope the two videos above give you some insight into what’s possible if you work with an experienced, professional mentor to fix your gym.

If you’re not ready for that step, do this: Follow us on social media—we’re on all the platforms—and join the Gym Owners United group. You’ll get to know Two-Brain, and we’ll make sure you get lots of free resources.

And if you’re ready to start doing the work to fix your gym right now, we can help: Book a call to talk about working with a mentor.


One more thing!

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