Hire Right – A Gamble Worth Making

By Jay Williams, TwoBrain Mentor
The biggest loss I have taken in business cost me over $200,000.
I hired the wrong person and kept them around too long. Their bad decisions cost me money, members, AND other staff members on top of the salary I was paying.
Ugh, that one still burns.
My biggest win has been worth $300,000 and counting. My head coach has started new programs, forged local partnerships, trained the younger coaches, and helped generally make my life easier.
If you get this one thing right, you can increase the size of your business by 10x with just a few good choices.
Get it wrong, it can shut you down.
No wonder so many gym owners try to avoid playing this game altogether. You fall into the trap of doing everything yourself, trading “services” for membership, or hiring a bunch of part time “hobby coaches”.
Nobody can do it as well as you, so why take the chance?
Don’t get me wrong, you CAN run a business this way if your perfect day includes making every decision, never taking a vacation, and having a revolving door of employees.
But what if you want to see your kids at night? Or open a second business? Or just not be handcuffed to the squat rack?
If you want members who are going to stick around for life, you have to find employees who will do the same.
We get it, hiring is a gamble, and it IS scary.
The good news is, we have made enough bad gambles to have figured a few things out for you.

  • How to find the right people (Internships – Module 18)
  • How to hire them (Staff contracts – Module 12)
  • How to make a career for them so they stick around (Creating careers – Module 14)

When you get hiring right, it’s a gamble worth making, and will get you closer to your perfect day.
Check out twobrainbusiness for more info on hiring and anything else you need to help you get to your perfect day.
Coach “gambling man” Jay


One more thing!

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