How to Fire Yourself… The Right Way

By Jeff Burlingame, Two-Brain Business Mentor

So you don’t want to clean your gym anymore?  Or run payments?  Or deal with retail?

Whatever it is that you don’t want to do… How do you get out of doing it?

At Two-Brain Business we guide our clients to higher value roles, eventually to that of the CEO.  This allows them to do more work on their business and less work in their business, thus making it more profitable.  #emyth

Here is our step by step process to get there, no matter the role:

  1. Do the job.  And learn how to do it right.  Find out what works and what doesn’t, so that another employee doesn’t end up doing things the wrong way.
  2. Document everything.  Once you are happy with how the job is done, write it all down.  This is an SOP (Standard Operating Process).  It starts with how to do the job and ends with an employee contract, evaluation and pay structure.  More HERE.
  3. Get the right person on the bus.  This person should be excited to take on new responsibility and growth.
  4. Test drive.  Give them 1-3 months in the role to get traction.  If they are unable to be successful by then, or anything else major goes wrong, fire them.
  5. Keep OR Fire them.
  6. Move on up that ladder to higher value roles

Think about all the hours in the day you could free up just by removing a few roles from yourself.  What could you do with that time?  Or better yet, What couldn’t you do with that time?

Sky is the limit, be relentless in your pursuit of success.

If you need more help, we are here for you.

Jeff Burlingame
Two-Brain Business Mentor
Owner – Friction CrossFit

One more thing!

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