Episode 99 – Josh Martin


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Today, Josh Martin of CrossFit for Glory talks about building and protecting the culture in your gym. He is one of the most positive people you will ever hear from and he has a very family friendly and faith centric focus to his business. We are going to get into all kinds of topics today as well as Josh’s amazing story of how he become involved with CrossFit.


Josh went to the University of Florida where he pursued exercise science. He fell in love with this area of study and soon began practical implementation of what he was learning at a local training performance institute. After finishing up his degree at Florida, Josh worked at the International Performance Institute where he had the opportunity to coach some of the top athletes in the country. Soon after this he was appointed the assistant strength coach for the New York Yankees. It wasn’t until another position after the Yankees that Josh decided to make a career change and move into CrossFit.


Josh is a mentor with TwoBrain and after receiving help from TwoBrain with his own business, he wanted to also give back and help those needing help with their box. Becoming a mentor with TwoBrain is a very humbling experience, according to Josh. TwoBrain mentors go through rigorous training before their first call, and participate in lifelong education after they become licensed. Josh gives us a little peak into that training.

Then we’ll talk about defining culture, getting employees to buy into your vision and more on this awesome episode!





3:33 – Josh Martin Introduction

8:05 – Josh’s experience with working for the New York Yankees

11:54 – Influencing your children to set big goals

14:58 – What it is like to become a mentor for TwoBrain like Josh

21:08 – Experiencing being a mentor for the first time

22:02 – What is it like carrying the stress of an affiliate as their mentor

24:15 – Setting up and defining a culture in the gym setting

28:52 – How to get your coaches to buy into your vision as a gym owner?

35:15 – Dealing with tough clients

38:40 – The importance of family in Josh’s life

41:09 – Josh’s start into strength and conditioning coach




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