EPISODE 40Mike Michalowicz is author of The Toilet Paper Entrepreneur, The Pumpkin Plan, Profit First and Surge.

In this episode of Two-Brain Radio, Mike shares how to build a business with profit in mind; how to identify your BEST clients and build your business around them; how to fire the rest; and how to stay atop the new fitness wave.

6:30 – “83% of small businesses are surviving check by check”

8:30 – How to use the Profit First strategy

16:00 – How to identify your BEST clients and focus on them

19:30 – How to fire everyone else

25:45 – What to do with those best customers to reshape your business

29:00 – What’s the SURGE in fitness?

33:00 – Is gamification the next surge?

37:00 – “To stay on top of your wave, look at the customers who break the rules.”

43:00 – “Action is the ultimate truth” – what does it mean?

Besides his own, Mike recommends Influence, by Robert Cialdini.

Shannon Simmons is the CrossFitter who introduced me to Mike. She’s a Profit First professional and owner of NetBooks Accounting. Want someone to teach you the Profit First mindset? She’s the one: shannon@netbooksaccounting.com.

Music in this episode by The Vivisectors.

Recorded on August 7, 2016.

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