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Vaughn Vernon is the guy behind Affiliate Guard.

Vaughn insures over 2200 affiliate gyms, and we get together whenever possible to share “War Stories.” Some of these are funny, it’s true. But the point is to identify the potential tripping stones for gyms.

This is NOT a boring episode about insurance. It’s a glimpse into the future. It’s a chance to analyze your defense. Vaughn is definitely not a boring guy, and we can leverage the hard lessons learned in the trenches to avoid gym-killing mistakes in our own businesses.

The gyms in these stories aren’t owned by dummies. Most of these coaches have the same expertise, same fantastic community and same passion YOU DO. In most cases, they’ve simply run into one tiny instance of bad luck. Sadly, some didn’t survive.

Imagine this: you spend ten years learning how to change lives. You care so greatly it keeps you up at night. You’re profitable; your coaches own houses and cars; your clients are off Lipitor. Then one day, a client collapses mid-WOD. Will you lose it all?

Some have. But others were prepared and survived. We can learn from both.

In a few cases, this is a hilarious conversation. In others, it’s as serious as a heart attack (literally.)

0:00 – Vaughn’s background and (funny) intro to CrossFit

4:30 – Running events at your gym: are you covered?

9:12 – What are the easiest mistakes to avoid in YOUR gym?

11:44 – Homemade equipment

14:00 – A recent case in CA where a client died of a heart attack, and how it affects YOU

16:58 – Blood-borne diseases – does anyone in your gym rip their hands?

19:15 – Do waivers REALLY protect you?

20:57 – How an OnRamp or Foundations program might save your gym

22:20 – Using pictures on your website

23:21 – Background checks (download the free form here.)

24:06 – Kids getting rides to and from the gym – Download a Child Pickup Authorization form here:

Child Pick Up Authorization Article

25:30 – Kids’ competitions

28:10 – Do we need a written assessment for all athletes at intake? (hint: the TwoBrain family is working on this for you.)

30:31 – The absolute basics: taking attendance

31:38 – The Big “R” (free rhabdo waiver here, along with a TON of other free stuff)

37:37 – Why Vaughn is buying into a CrossFit gym

38:48 – You’ll need an AED soon. Here’s what Vaughn is doing to help

(Do you need one ALREADY? Click here.)

41:20 – Remote programming: are you liable?

43:00 – Nutrition challenges and prescriptions: what’s legal?

44:10 – Renting space to other coaches

47:00 – Why clients sue

In “Coach’s Confessional”, I talk about being proud of the wrong things instead of those that DO matter. Further reading: The Hustle Is A Lie.

Recorded on June 7, 2016.