Every few months on this podcast, I like to take a chance to answer the big questions within the CrossFit World. Usually, the answers to these questions are tactical: “Should I raise my rates?” or “Should I deaffiliate?”
But there are three BIG questions that I’ve been sitting on and rolling around for months. These questions have been coming up more and more: either through our Tinker program (for higher-level entrepreneurs) or through phone calls with CrossFit gym owners.

The first question is about entrepreneurial freedom; the second dives deep into human motivation and its ties to marketing; and the third is a question I last saw around 2010, but is making a comeback now.


1.    When should I pursue my big idea?


This question is most often asked by those who already have their own business but want to start a side project. After you make that jump and become an entrepreneur, many want to make a jump to an even bigger idea. The problem here is that many people’s own gym or own first business is still not running efficiently enough to allow for this jump. Should you wait to stabilize your main business first?


2.    Why don’t people stay after an eight week challenge?


When you bring a lot of people into your gym at once and you give them a fixed deadline, they generally do not stick around. The key here is to convert people along the way into long term customers. Having goal reviews and continually updating their “prescription” is key.


3.    Should I join a franchise instead of affiliating?


Many first time gym owners struggle with the decision to join a franchise or remain an independent affiliate. After taking such a big financial and emotional risk, not having a step by step roadmap can sometimes be scary but is joining a franchise really the best decision? The bottom line is that nobody has the exact roadmap to a successful gym.






1:57 – Introduction to the Three Big Questions

4:52 – When is the right time to pursue your big idea?

12:15 – Why don’t people stick around after an eight week challenge?

24:25 – Should you join a franchise instead  of affiliating?

32:34 – Two-Brain Stories – Jared Byczko

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