The Pursuit of Excellence is a CrossFit hallmark, but it is not unique to the fitness industry.


From the start, we’ve written that excellence in coaching means great results for your clients. Excellence in business means great results for your family, your clients and your staff.


Excellence in coaching does NOT make you excellent in business. They’re completely different skillsets. And if you own a gym, excellence in business is your job.


This doesn’t mean being excellent once, or having peak moments of excellence, but being consistently excellent. Today we talk with Danielle Brown, manager of quality control at Two-Brain Business, on how to achieve operational excellence and consistency.


Dani will give us step-by-step instructions to build a framework for excellence in your business. She’ll also tell you exactly how we do it at TwoBrain: from hiring future mentors; giving mentors feedback; continuing staff education and ensuring excellence for OUR clients. Then we’ll be discussing the “Queen Bee Role”  that we mentioned in last week’s episode.


Call her Dani or Danielle; call her coach or use Her Excellency: Dani is a favorite at TwoBrain.


Danielle Brown has been with Two Brain from the start, first as a client and now as a mentor.


She opened her CrossFit gym in 2011, where she dove into learning anything and everything about business that she possibly could. Since then she has experienced it all and knows what it takes to run a successful gym and helps other entrepreneurs achieve success in their gyms.


Join us today and take good notes as this episode will truly be invaluable. After listening, be sure to head over to and see where you are at in your entrepreneurial journey!


About Danielle:



3:03 – Introduction to Quality Control

4:35 – Danielle Brown’s journey from Two Brain Mentor to manager of Quality Control

7:18 – The truth about coaching and business success in CrossFit

9:22 – How important is it to be awesome a the service that you provide?

11:11 – Where to find the best practices for your industry?

14:10 – Setting an example within your business for staff

16:08 – How are mentors at Two Brain selected and trained?

19:41 – The Two Brain Mentoring quality control process

23:52 – How to know whether your staff is running at a gold standard?

25:32 – How to gain comfortability with reviewing the performance of your staff?

26:45 – The importance of conveying what the gold standard is in your business

28:28 – The effects of implementing a quality control system on gym retention

30:16 – Why Quality Control might be the Queen Bee role in your business

31:51 – Two Brain Stories with Brian Strump