Michalowicz says that after you identify the ONE thing that will grow your business, you–the entrepreneur–should be able to take time away from the business without it collapsing. Just make sure someone is doing the QBR!


In creative businesses (for example, if you’re an author or painter) it’s harder to replace yourself in the QBR. That doesn’t mean it can’t be done, at least partially. For a solopreneur (like a gym owner or attorney), it’s still possible to move lower-value roles off your plate!


What will you DO with the extra time? You’ll think about which opportunities to take (because when you have the time to look, there are always more opportunities than you can possibly handle! Every entrepreneur in our Tinker program knows that’s true!)


As you move away from Doing everything in your business, you’re going to be tempted to stick your fingers in the gears. Your ego will jump up and say, “This is MY company! I need to feel important!” Mike talks about his experience with this struggle and how to beat them.


BONUS: Mike’s “AC/DC” test to see how your business systems are doing. Rock on!


Finally, most of us actually LIKE working. The point is to have the choice, instead of fighting fires all day!


THEN Greg Strauch interviews Rebecca Boskovic of The Fittest Me – listen to this TwoBrain Family member’s story! You’ll LOVE IT!


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