Your Personal Scorecard

A sweaty gym-goer reflecting on a workout - your personal scorecard

How are you doing?

We measure long-term success through financial metrics, entrepreneurial progress and changes to the quality of your lifestyle.

To measure the quality of your lifestyle, we break it down into the “Six F’s”:

  • Family
  • Faith
  • Future
  • Finances
  • Freedom
  • Fitness

This exercise was created for Two-Brain entrepreneurs by Bonnie Skinner of Skinner Psychotherapy.

You can listen to her talk about the Personal Check-In exercise here: Two-Brain Radio. Two-Brain entrepreneurs in our Tinker Phase do the PCI exercise each quarter and track their results on the Two-Brain Growth ToolKit.

To download the Personal Check-In exercise, click here.

Eyes on the Horizon

Entrepreneurship is tough. While most employees try to achieve work-life balance, that’s an impossible task for an entrepreneur because we don’t have fixed schedules. Especially in the Founder and Farmer phases of entrepreneurship, the owner accepts the imbalance of time in hopes of achieving a huge imbalance in the other direction later. That’s what “leverage” means: changing the balance of time and money in your life.

Some try to leverage their time and business in a different way. Dan Martell recommends a strategy called “Work-Life Integration,” but that doesn’t really work for me. Instead, I have to take regular stock of the six F’s in my life and rate them as objectively as possible. Then I have to decide what to prioritize from there.

Here’s what’s interesting: Your happiness in life isn’t determined by your score on the PCI. It’s not even determined by your average. Your happiness is determined by your progress.

If you’re improving, you’ll be happier.

In this series, I took you on a journey of self-reflection and measurement. The point wasn’t to invite comparison or ranking. I’m not trying to make you feel good (or bad) about yourself. My purpose is to give you a starting point for 2021.

From this starting point, try to improve. Acquire skills. Test and measure. Seek help. Think about your failures and celebrate your wins.

Always, always just keep moving forward.

Happy New Year!


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