Daily Directive: Oct. 28

A woman prepares to lift a barbell, with the words "Two-Brain Business Daily Directive" as a caption.

Daily Update

You can learn a lot from business books.

But reading the most books doesn’t make you the winner. Acting on what you learn does.

When I meet a new mentor or person I admire, I’ve stopped asking “what are you reading right now?” and started asking “what are the books you’ve read at least three times?” I do that because I’m not going for quantity of information; I want quality.

Daily Lesson

Today, I’m bringing you my Top Books of 2020.

Some were published this year; some weren’t. Some are quick reads; some aren’t.

But they’re exactly what gym owners should be reading right now.

Daily Directive

I have a new book coming, and you can vote on the cover options: click here to do so.

While you’re waiting for my new one, look back at your book catalog. Pick the book you talk about most or share most with others—or the book with the message that stuck with you best. Then read that book again. Because if you found gold the first time, there’s definitely more buried treasure waiting.


One more thing!

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