Daily Directive: July 29

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Daily Update

We tell gym owners not to offer discounts because most of them don’t understand that they already offer discounts:

Group fitness classes are your discount option.

General, inclusive programming, done in a group format, is the option people choose when they can’t afford personal care.

Seeing your favorite singer in an arena isn’t as personal as booking that artist for a private concert and conversation, but it’s far more affordable.

In this analogy, you’re the superstar musician: People can pay more for one-on-one attention or less for a slice of your attention in a group setting. Both options get results. Nothing beats personalized care, but the group setting comes with a supercharged competitive atmosphere and amazing camaraderie.

The problem is that most gym owners only give clients one choice—”sign up for our group classes!”—and it’s the choice with the least value.

Daily Lesson

Earlier this week, I told you that you must create value through excellence, consistency, attention, empathy and appreciation.

We have a system that checks all the boxes: It creates value for the client, it helps the client succeed, and it makes the business more profitable.

I’ll teach you how to build value in seven easy but important steps. Together, these steps are called the Prescriptive Model, and our data shows that it’s best for clients and business owners.

Here are the exact steps to using this model: “How to Increase Your Value.”

Daily Directive

Examine your close rate: What percentage of prospective clients who come into your gym actually sign up?

Don’t guess: If you don’t know the number, you need to measure it. Then use the Prescriptive Model to improve it.


One more thing!

Did you know gym owners can earn $100,000 a year with no more than 150 clients? We wrote a guide showing you exactly how.