Daily Directive: July 24

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Daily Update

The true test of leadership won’t be how you closed your gym (or didn’t). The true test of leadership will be how you reopen your gym.

Will your service be the same?

Your staff?

Your clients?

Will you be the same?

Today at noon Eastern, I’ll walk you through the process of reopening your gym step by step. This will be a live webinar, so bring your questions!

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Daily Lesson

Listen to Two-Brain Radio: “How to Grow Your Business by Bringing Local People Together”

Daily Directive

As your gym reopens, you’re going to meet new people who are excited about finding their fitness. There’s never been a more important time to onboard them properly. If you want to keep them long term, you need to get rid of the “free trials” and build a program that will get them ready to train.

Plan your OnRamp. Do it 1:1.

Ask yourself, “What do clients need to know before they’re safe in my group classes with others?” That’s your curriculum.

We provide a sample curriculum in our RampUp course. Mine has evolved over time (from 20 sessions to 12 to six) based on our programming. Your OnRamp program has to answer these two questions:

1. What will ensure clients are safe in their first group classes?

2. What do clients need to know so they don’t feel lost in their first classes?

That means OnRamp might be different for different clients. You might have a client perform 10 or even 15 sessions one on one with you before they’re ready. That’s because your OnRamp isn’t just an opportunity to sell more stuff; it’s your readiness program.


One more thing!

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