Daily Directive: Aug. 26

A woman prepares to lift a barbell, with the words "Two-Brain Business Daily Directive" as a caption.

Daily Update

The “free trial” hasn’t been effective for almost a decade. But COVID has created a small pool of new interest in coaching. These new folks behave like the old “early adopters” (I was one), and so an old marketing technique appears to be working again.

But it only works if you can get people at your “free trial” to sit down and talk to you.

Daily Lesson

Remember: You’re not selling a commodity. Your group classes? They don’t separate you from the other gyms. The Prescriptive Model separates you.

If you run a free trial at your gym, sit down and talk to your guests about their goals before or after class. One on one. Fill in a sheet, make a prescription, and book the next visit. Get the new clients into your Prescriptive program from the start instead of only showing them your lowest-value option (group classes).

Here are six tactics to trigger the “Surge” of new, higher-value clients post-COVID: “Hosts of New Clients: How to Trigger the Surge.”

Daily Directive

Sit with your clients. Ask how they’re feeling post-COVID. Ask how they feel about their fitness level. If they’re happy with their progress, ask, “Do you know anyone who really needs help with their fitness right now?”

Get a name. Get an email address or phone number. Call them and offer to help.

Check out the Goal Review process: Click here.


One more thing!

Did you know gym owners can earn $100,000 a year with no more than 150 clients? We wrote a guide showing you exactly how.